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What does it mean to overplay your part?

What does it mean to overplay your part?

intransitive verb. : to exaggerate a part or effect.

What is the meaning of show your hand?

to allow people to know about intentions that you had previously kept secret: Keep the names of the team secret – don’t show your hand until the day of the game.

What does working hand in hand mean?

if two people or organizations work hand in hand, they work closely together, often with a single aim. Steelmakers are working hand in hand with auto makers to slash the cost of producing automotive parts. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

What does high hand mean?

: having or showing no regard for the rights, concerns, or feelings of others : arbitrary, overbearing.

What outplay means?

transitive verb. : to play better than especially : to outdo in playing a game The Knicks took a 21-point lead in the first half, gave up 18 consecutive points in the third quarter, but outplayed the Kings down the stretch to win … —

What’s the most overplayed song?

Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca.

  • Los Del Rio / Matrix (2) – Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) / Can You Feel It.
  • Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You.
  • Smash Mouth – All Star.
  • 2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This.
  • Technotronic Featuring Felly – Pump Up The Jam.
  • The Beach Boys – Kokomo.
  • What does never show your hand mean?

    phrase. DEFINITIONS1. to let someone know what you intend to do or what methods you have of doing it. In negotiations, never show your hand too early. Synonyms and related words.

    What is it called when you show your cards?

    Note that the act of showing one’s cards is voluntary on the part of the person who is exposing his hidden intentions or plans. The term tip one’s hand also has a literal meaning, which is to inadvertently let one’s hand sag, allowing other players to see what cards one is holding in his hand.

    Does hand in hand mean together?

    Hand in hand is used to describe two or more things that are in close cooperation or closely linked together. The phrase is especially used with the verbs go and work, as in go hand in hand and work hand in hand.

    Can you go hand in hand?

    COMMON If two things go hand in hand, they are closely connected and cannot be considered separately from each other.

    What does high hand mean in the Bible?

    : : : However, google turned up several christian sites claiming the Hebrew for ‘presumptuously’ is “with a high hand,” meaning open rebellion.

    What is a taciturn man?

    Someone who is taciturn is reserved, not loud and talkative. The word itself refers to the trait of reticence, of seeming aloof and uncommunicative. A taciturn person might be snobby, naturally quiet, or just shy.