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What do I want in a relationship checklist?

What do I want in a relationship checklist?

The following aspects should be on your checklist for a healthy relationship.

  • Respect. Healthy relationships consist of respect for both yourself and your partner.
  • Communication.
  • Compassion.
  • Equality.
  • Trust.
  • Consensual Sexual Decisions.
  • Personal Space.
  • Honesty.

How do I leave a broken relationship?

To give yourself love and compassion, consider the following seven tactics.

  1. Keep a journal.
  2. Find Some Joy.
  3. Cut Yourself Some Slack.
  4. Don’t Rationalize Bad Behavior.
  5. Find Support.
  6. Ignore Bad Relationships Advice.
  7. Reconnect With Family/Friends Who Care.

What is the number one rule in a relationship?

1) Respect Each Other The first rule to keep a relationship strong is to treat your loved one with respect. You have to respect your partner’s time, heart, character and, of course, his or her trust + expect to receive the same amount of respect back.

What should be included in a good relationship checklist?

Your relationship is richer. If your relationship includes most of what you see on this checklist, it’s a safe bet that you’ve got a good thing going. Be grateful; you’ve got a fulfilling, healthy and happy relationship! Want to have a happier, healthier marriage?

What do you need to know about relationship skills?

Relationship skills: a checklist. Give people time and space to work their stuff out — while being mindful of your own needs and boundaries. Be willing to understand and learn from mistakes and problems, and move forward. Don’t expect perfection from anyone. Be willing to take the first steps in repairing damaged trust or relationships.

What’s the best way to start a relationship?

INTROSPECTION, a process of self inquiry and reflection that yields clearer understanding of your true needs, desires, motives, habits, assumptions, and goals. Understand how these give rise to your feelings. Map out your own emotional triggers so you can act, rather than just react.

How to know if you should leave a relationship?

Maybe you feel confused or ambivalent about your relationship. This checklist will give you a reasonable second opinion about whether you should hold on and try to make it work, or whether you should leave. Study each statement and think about how it applies to your relationship. Then, mark each one true [T] or false [F].