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What are the colors of the Kobe 9?

What are the colors of the Kobe 9?

The Kobe 9 Elites low came in a few colorways. Fortunately each colorway was solid. The University Red uppers came with stylish mint splatter accents all over. 80. Nike Kobe 6 Glass Blue The blend of bright, contrasting, and vibrant colors made Kobe fans go wild.

Which is the best colorway for Kobe Bryant?

The Kobe 8s came in two Elite colorways. One was incredibly bright and flashy while this solid colorway became an underrated beauty. 62. Nike Kobe 9 EM China The Chinese culture loves the color red; throw in gold and pandemonium happens.

Who was the designer of the Kobe 8 shoe?

Kobe’s 8th Nike shoe was designed by Eric Avar’s team in cooperation with Kobe Bryant. The Nike Kobe 8 will forever be clouded in infamy as it was the shoe Kobe was wearing when he suffered a torn achilles.

When did the Kobe 4 MPLS come out?

Nike Kobe 4 MPLS The Minneapolis Lakers were made famous by George Mikan in the late 40s but Kobe is a huge reason why the colorways aren’t forgotten today. 78. Nike Kobe 4 Inline

The Multi-Color/Reflect Silver-Chlorine Blue Kobe 9 Elite What the Kobe and the NOLA Gumbo League “Maestro” in Black/Metallic Gold-White take the original silhouette in vibrant new directions.

What’s the price of a Nike Kobe 9?

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Sequoia. lowest ask. $349. Nike Kobe 9 EM Low China. lowest ask. $355. Nike Kobe 9 Elite Influence. lowest ask. $600.

Why are there red stitches on the Kobe 9?

A pressure map was used to help the 9 deliver traction at all the right places. Later editions of the Kobe 9 famously featured nine red stitches on the heel to signify the Achilles injury he successfully came back from. Today, Kobe 9s are available in both high and low profiles, and both are popular.

How much is the Kobe IX elite black mamba?

KOBE IX ELITE BLACK MAMBA. $200. Kobe Bryant’s undeniable determination was obvious from the moment he entered the league. That determination and drive was cemented with an unforgettable 81-point performance in Toronto. The ‘Black Mamba’ Kobe IX celebrates the result of this undying drive and determination by the hardwood legend.