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What are Hardcast bullets?

What are Hardcast bullets?

Many gun owners refer to hard cast bullets as ‘lead’ bullets. Hard cast bullets can be formulated of numerous alloy mixes (antimony, silver, tin, etc) containing some lead, but the alloys make the bullet much harder than pure lead.

Are hard cast bullets bad for your gun?

And they do not damage or hurt the barrel any worse than jacketed bullets. At the slow velocities we use, barrel leading is rarely a problem when using a good quality hard cast bullet. Depending on the bullet hardness, serious leading doesn’t occur until you push it past 12- 1500 FPS.

Are Acme coated bullets good?

There are several listed benefits for these coated bullets including such things as preventing lead-to-bore contact, virtually eliminating any leading; since there is no wax or lube on the bullets there is less smoke which makes them very range friendly, especially if shooting indoors; the coating helps facilitate …

What are cast bullets good for?

Nothing could be further than the truth. Cast bullets are perfectly fine for as much as 90 percent of your shooting needs, and they extend the amount of shooting you can do by making your projectiles much less expensive.

Can you use pure lead for bullets?

Soft pure lead bullets work well for cast bullets……. until it strikes a large bone in which case they often splatter or fragment. The bullets need to be of a harder alloy ( 15 to 22 hardness), some like Linotype or wheel weight hardness.

How hard do lead bullets need to be?

In order for a bullet to obturate, the metal used needs to be soft enough to deform easily under the amount of pressure being applied to it. If the bullet is too hard, it won’t obturate and there will be no sealing. So, the bullet has to be soft enough to obturate.

Do you have to lube cast bullets?

Lube is mandatory for cast bullets and all lead bullets. This applies to pistol and rifle cast /lead bullets. Not only does bullet lube help prevent barrel leading, the correct sizing of bullets is necessary to prevent barrel leading.

Why are bullets polymer coated?

Advantages of polymer coated bullets are less friction between the bullet and the bore, less smoke, less debris such as lead left in the barrel, no toxic off-gassing, contains no Moly-Disulfide to gum up your dies, works great in bullet feeders, great for indoor shooting where lead bullets are restricted, non abrasive …

Where is Acme bullets located?

Germantown, WI
Acme Bullet Co Germantown, WI Nonclassified Establishments – MapQuest.

Why is antimony used in bullets?

There are several lead alloys used in bullet casting. They utilize varying amounts of tin and antimony, as well as trace amounts of other metals, in order to harden the bullet and to make it cast better. High ratios of antimony will harden lead considerably, but at the expense of brittleness.

Is casting your own bullets worth it?

Should you cast your own bullets? But casting bullets is probably not a cost-efficient proposition for reloaders who shoot just a few boxes of cartridges a year. Money they would spend for casting equipment would be better put toward buying cast bullets from one of the dozens of small companies that sell them.

Are wheel weights pure lead?

Wheel weight is molten at 505F, pure lead at 621F and zinc at 787F. By keeping the alloy temperature in the wheel weight/lead range the zinc will not melt into the alloy but instead float to the surface on fluxing presenting itself for skimming off. The top is Zn, the bottom is lead alloy.

What kind of bullets are hard cast lead?

Lead Bullets (RN, FP, RNFP, SWC, WC) Hard Cast Lead Bullets All of our Superior Cast Bullets (SCB) are ‘hard cast’ using a tough, time-proven alloy. Our hard alloy combined with the most efficient bullet lube available enhances accuracy and minimizes barrel fouling.

Which is the Best Cast Bullet for reloading?

Stateline Bullets endorses the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook as a preferred reloading load data manual. Semi-soft and non-tacky, but performs equally well at high or low velocities. Bullets are cured for 3 weeks before being sold this allows their hardness to stabilize. All bullets are triple checked for quality and uniformity before being packaged.

What kind of bullets do you use to reload a 45 Colt?

These perform with extreme bullet accuracy. Our newest cast bullet that has been added to our product line, the 45 caliber 200 grain RNFP Cowboy Action soft lead cast bullet with a BHN of 9-10. Perfect for reloading the 45 Colt Cartridge.

How long does it take to reload a straight shooter bullet?

Due to increased demand, our current turnaround time is approximately 4 weeks. Straight Shooters currently manufactures 50 variations of cast bullets for reloading. Our Premium Cast Bullets are cast from 92-2-6 foundry blended alloy.