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Is there entrance exam in UST?

Is there entrance exam in UST?

For the Academic Year 2022-2023, the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET) will not be administered in consideration of the quarantine restrictions that are currently in effect in the country.

Is there entrance exam in UST 2021?

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) announced on August 14, that it would not administer the UST Entrance Test (USTET) for the academic year 2021 to 2022 “in consideration of the quarantine restrictions that are currently in effect in the country.”

Is it hard to get into UST?

UST has an acceptance rate of around 81% with 27% of applicants deciding to enroll. You can get more information from the admissions office website at

How do I enroll in UST College 2021-2022?

College application for Academic Year 2021-2022 is now open. Click to start your application. Application for Senior High School and Junior High School shall open soon.

How can I pass UST?

Here are some tips for your exam prep.

  1. Know the coverage and watch out for your weak points.
  2. Take practice IQ tests and logic quizzes in preparation for the Mental Ability section.
  3. Don’t just rely on your stock knowledge for the exam.
  4. Practice math problems, review science flashcards, and read in your spare time.

What is UST known for?

UST graduates consistently and yearly dominate the top ten in courses with board exams (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Engineering, Architecture, Accountancy, Education, etc.). This proves the University’s superior academic programs.

How much is UST tuition?

About how much is the tuition fee in UST? College: approximately PhP 50,000 to 60,000 per semester. Junior High School: approximately PhP 100,000 per year. Education High School: approximately PhP 30,000 per year.

Can I shift course in UST?

2018-2019, the College of Education will accept applicants for shifting (from one college in UST to the College of Education) starting November 19, 2018 to December 15, 2018. NOTE: The Certificate of Grades must be submitted to the College of Education Dean’s Office on or before January 11, 2019.

What is the Harvard acceptance rate?

4.6% (2020)
Harvard University/Acceptance rate

How much is the tuition fee in UST?

How do I pay my UST tuition?

Payment Thru BPI

  1. Enroll your 10-digit Student Number as the “Reference Number”
  2. Upon enrollment, you may start paying the next day.
  3. ATM Banking – any BPI ATM nationwide.
  4. Phonebanking – Call 89-100.
  5. Personal login.
  6. Go to “Bills payment”
  7. Go to “Enroll all other bills” (If UST is not yet enrolled)

Does UST accept late enrollees?

In consideration of the current situation, there will be no charges for late enrollment. Will the procedure for enrollment among the children of UST employees (support staff, faculty members, administrative officials) and UST Hospital employees the same as of the First Term? Yes.

Where can I find the UST entrance exam results?

Great sources would be and Below is the list of documentary requirements which according to guidelines must be sent thru any Philippine courier (Air 21,LBC, DHL etc.) to the Office for Admissions (OFAD), Rm. 104, Tan Yan Kee Student Center, University of Santo Tomas, Espana, Manila.

How to apply for the USTET College Entrance Test?

Application for the USTET is done online. No need for printed forms. You may register through this link. Once you have opened the page, select “COLLEGE”. Preparing For Your College Entrance Test?

How to pass University of Santo Tomas entrance exam?

There are so many tips online from blogs to forums to Yahoo answers and Google as well as docstoc pdf files featuring the different segments of subjects included in the entrance exam of University of Santo Tomas. But our admission test tips below is based from an actual experience that might help future examinees maximize chance to pass USTET .

What are the requirements for admission to the UST?

The ACT must have been taken within the last 2 years before application. If the ACT is taken more than once, applicant must submit the most recent score. The Composite Score must be at least 27, with no subject score lower than 24. These international credentials are only used as an admission requirement.