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Is the Contax G2 worth it?

Is the Contax G2 worth it?

The G2 is one of the best 35mm cameras ever made, and today they are bargains. Another great thing about the G2 is that every lens is wonderful. Contax makes only a few lenses for the G2, they are exactly what you need, and their performance is the best there is in 35mm….

Lens Finder Magnification
28mm 35%

How much is a Contax G2 worth?

Yashica: Contax G2

Average Mint
Body only $700-800 $1700-1800
With lens $700-800 $1700-1800
Estimate value accuracy:

What is the difference between Contax G1 and G2?

As a whole, the Contax G1 and Contax G2 35mm rangefinder-style film cameras are very similar. The key differences between the two cameras are the G2 has the superior autofocus system and button layout, it is slightly larger and heavier, and has more lens options than the G1.

Is Contax G2 point and shoot?

As with some other cameras we’ve covered in the past, the G2 is almost like cheating. Point it, shoot it, and as long as you understand and employ a basic knowledge of the things that make a photograph decent, you’ve made an excellent shot. But the G2 isn’t just a good camera that’s capable of making good photos.

How do you focus a Contax G2?

Since the G2 has a hair-trigger between its half-pressed and fire positions, a better way to hold a locked autofocus distance is to press and hold the unmarked AF button in the middle of the AF Mode Selector on the top right of the back of the G2. (In CAF, continuous AF, the G2 keeps trying to track focus.

Where is Contax G2 made?

Made in: Japan. More Information: Zeiss’ technical data and Zeiss’ information on the Biogon. The newer 21mm f/2.8 Biogon only works on the newer G2 body, or an older G1 body that has been modified (look for a green sticker in the film chamber). Unlike the oddball 16mm, the 21mm is a real, practical lens.

Do Contax still make cameras?

Contax (stylised as CONTAX in the Kyocera era) began as a camera model in the Zeiss Ikon line in 1932, and later became a brand name. The rights to the brand are currently part of Carl Zeiss AG, but no Contax cameras are currently in production, and the brand is considered dormant.

Does Contax G1 have manual focus?

Looking at the tech briefly, the Contax G1 is a fully electronic and, for all intents and purposes, automatic 35mm film camera. It has the capability to be used with manual settings, for both focus and exposure, but both of these mechanisms are based on electronics rather than mechanical components.

What is Contax G1 Green Label?

The green label G1 indicates a modification to accept the 21mm and 35mm lenses. It was already compatible with the 28, 45 and 90.

How do you focus with a Contax G2?

What is AEL on Contax G2?

Auto Exposure Lock. Basically, you can take an exposure reading, move the dial to AEL, and you can lock it so it won’t shift or change. If you change aperture, the reading will still change in this mode as well.

How do you use Flash on Contax G2?

Shift the camera into Manual, using the Seting Noted in Manual. The Flash TTL system works in both Auto & Manual Exposure. To Do Fill-Flash in TTL, you want to underexpose the flash between 1 1/2 & 1 2/3 of a stop, compared to the camera exposure. the camera & flash under expose 1 2/3 under.

What kind of camera is the Contax G2?

The G2 is so good you want to pick it up and shoot it just for the joy of it. Top, Contax G2 and Zeiss 28mm f/2.8. enlarge. Electronic 35mm film (24x36mm) rangefinder camera. Electronic autofocus. Motorized advance and rewind. Contax G; not compatible with anything else.

What are the specs for a Contax G system?

Bodies Close Focus Optics f/min 16/8 G1, G2 0.3m 5/3 f/8 21/2.8 G2* 0.5m 9/7 f/22 28/2.8 G1, G2 0.5m 7/5 f/22 35/2 G2* 0.5m 7/5 f/16

What was the focal distance of the Contax G1?

The flange focal distance is specified as 28.95mm ± 0.02mm, per the factory Contax G2 service manual. The G1 was the first G system body. It shot at up to 2 FPS and cannot use the newer 35mm or 21mm lenses unless modified.

How do you change focus on a Contax G2?

You can change to manual focus but you use the dial to the left of the lens to change focus. You can set the shutter speed manually as well on the top. So you can shoot this camera in a completely manual way if you want however this is a concession that Contax built in.