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Is Cooloola Cove a nice place to live?

Is Cooloola Cove a nice place to live?

“A pleasant place to live” We have been here 6 months now and have found it to be a very quiet and friendly neighbourhood to live & retire. Nice big blocks with room to move . We are very happy that we made the decision to buy here in Cooloola Cove. To date we have found the weather to be a very mild climate.

What’s in Cooloola Cove?

Essential Cooloola Cove

  • Dolphin Ferry Cruises. Boat Tours.
  • Tin Can Bay Boat Hire. Boat Tours.
  • Barnacles Dolphin Centre. 673. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters. Fishing Charters & Tours.
  • Searys Creek. Bodies of Water.
  • Epic Ocean Adventures. 456.
  • 2021. Wolf Rock Dive Centre.
  • 2021. Rainbow Beach 4×4 Hire.

What is the population of Cooloola Cove?

2,633 people
People — demographics & education In the 2016 Census, there were 2,633 people in Cooloola Cove (State Suburbs). Of these 50.9% were male and 49.1% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 4.6% of the population. The median age of people in Cooloola Cove (State Suburbs) was 57 years.

Where is the Cooloola Coast?

Cooloola is a coastal locality in the Gympie Region, Queensland, Australia….Cooloola, Queensland.

Cooloola Queensland
Postcode(s) 4580
Area 530.4 km2 (204.8 sq mi)
Location 57 km (35 mi) ENE of Gympie 224 km (139 mi) N of Brisbane
LGA(s) Gympie Region

Does Cooloola Cove have a beach?

Cooloola beach drive is in Cooloola Recreation Area, Great Sandy National Park, on the Sunshine Coast between Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach (155–240km north of Brisbane). You can access Cooloola beach drive, from the south via Noosa North Shore or from the north at Rainbow Beach.

Are there sandflies at Cooloola Cove?

The great outdoors aside, Cooloola and Cooloola Cove have a small number of amenities close by including Woolworths, bottleshop and medical centre. There’s a pharmacy too which might come in handy for Midge bites, particularly for those people who flare up; Sandflies or Midges are common on the Fraser Coast.

How far is Cooloola Cove from the beach?

Cooloola Cove – this small community is only 10 minutes drive to the waterways at Tin Can Bay and 20 minutes drive to the surf at Rainbow Beach.

What is the population of Rainbow Beach?

1,249 people
In the 2016 Census, there were 1,249 people in Rainbow Beach (State Suburbs). Of these 53.1% were male and 46.9% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 3.0% of the population. The median age of people in Rainbow Beach (State Suburbs) was 50 years.

Why is Tin Can Bay called Tin Can Bay?

It is thought that the name came from the anglicisation of tin-kun, an Aboriginal expression describing a narrow-leafed coastal vine, or of similar sounding expressions meaning dugong, big fish or mangroves. The protected shallows of the inlet were ideal for exploitation.

Is it worth going to Rainbow Beach?

Visiting Rainbow Beach is well worth it, You will find a small country town with a beach vibe! With plenty of beaches that are worth visiting every day! If you love outdoor activities and nature you will enjoy spending time here, The locals love to chill out with some takeaway food on the beach.

Does Cooloola Cove flood?

Several properties around Crab Creek at Tin Can Bay are also at risk in the worst-case scenario, while Cooloola Cove properties shouldn’t be affected by nearby swelling creeks. The surf side of Rainbow Beach will escape sea flooding, but the high tides will cover the carpark at Carlo Point.

Are there sand flies on Fraser Island?

The small sand flies are also more active in the warmer months, but are much more prevalent on the western side of the island. We’ve been to Fraser in all seasons and the you do tend to get the big biting flies all year round, although they’re at their worst in summer.