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How do you build a good war base in clash of clans?

How do you build a good war base in clash of clans?

All good war bases should:

  1. Protect the Town Hall (BIGGEST PRIORITY)
  2. Make sure the Clan Castle is well centered and not very easy to “pull”.
  3. Have many pockets in the base and makes a good use of funneling.
  4. Make sure the Mortars and Air Defenses cover good area.
  5. Make sure Wizard Towers protect Mortars and Air Defenses.

What is the best troops for Town Hall 6?

Find a base with an air defense near the outside and with at least 80,000 elixer.

  • Use both you lightning spells on the air defense in the middle of the base.
  • use your archers to take out builder huts in the corner.
  • use an archer to lure out clan castle troops and use a giant, a few wizards and the rest of your archers.
  • What is the best base layout for clash of clans?

    ‘Clash of Clans’ Builder: Top 10 Layouts You Need to See

    1. A Stage Layout That Offers Ample Protection for Heroes and Resource Bases.
    2. A Town Hall 9 Hybrid Base for Clan Wars.
    3. An Ultimate Town Hall 7 Layout That’s a Good Trophy Base.
    4. A Town Hall 8 Village Layout That’s Good at Protecting Your Gold Storage.

    Can you put your own troops in the clan castle?

    When you join a Clan, you will be able to donate and request troops. You can do this by tapping on the “Request” button at Clan Castle, or the Barbarian button at the bottom of the Clan Chat. You can use these donated troops for: Attacking and defending in Multiplayer.

    What are CC troops in clash of clans?

    A Clan Castle is needed for creating or joining a Clan. It houses Troops which can either be placed as reinforcements during an attack, or used as defenders when the player’s base is under attack.

    Who is the best Clash of Clans player?

    Yao — who went by Jorge Yao in Clash of Clans — spent around six months as the number one player in the mobile game’s rankings, having been the first player to hit the 4,000 trophy mark. YouTube videos of his battles became wildly popular, and when Yao visited other in-game clans he was met as a celebrity.