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How do I redirect all subdomains to the main domain?

How do I redirect all subdomains to the main domain?

Just add a block below the main block in your vhost configuration file. Just specify ServerAlias using the wildcard * for the subdomains. Finally, specify the redirect address using RedirectPermanent .

Can you redirect subdomains?

To enable subdomain redirection: Click Subdomains under Domains in cPanel. Under Modify a Subdomain, locate the subdomain you want to redirect. In the Subdomain Redirection text box, enter the redirection destination address. When ready, click Save.

How do I stop WordPress from redirecting subdomain to the main domain?

5 Answers

  1. export db.
  2. change the urls in db file , i- open db file using wordpad/ or any editor. ii- find wp_options. iii- then scrol down little bit, you find your old url. iv- replace the old url to new url in complete file. v- save the file.
  3. import the file to the new db.
  4. now run the new url in browser.

How do I redirect a subdomain to an IP address?

Forward your subdomain

  1. Sign in to Google Domains.
  2. Click the domain name.
  3. Open the menu , if applicable.
  4. Click Website.
  5. Click Add a forwarding address.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Click + Forward a subdomain.
  8. Enter the subdomain you want to forward.

What is a URL redirect record?

The URL record is a special DNSimple record. URL records redirect a hostname to another URL using our redirector. For example, this feature can be used to redirect the domain to . For more information about the service, supported redirect types, and limitations, visit the redirector article.

How do I change a subdomain to a main domain in WordPress?

How to move WordPress from subdomain to root domain

  1. Navigate to your WordPress root folder and download all files and folders to your local computer.
  2. Now, navigate to your domain root folder – this will be called public_html.
  3. Save the file and close the cPanel File Manager editor.

What is the difference between temporary redirect and permanent redirect?

There is a simple difference between a 301 and 302 redirect: a 301 redirect indicates that a page has permanently moved to a new location, meanwhile, a 302 redirect says that the page has moved to a new location, but that it is only temporary.

How do I create a subdomain in WordPress?


  1. Go to your Domains page (My Site → Upgrades → Domains) and click the domain you wish to add the subdomain to.
  2. Click Name Servers and DNS, then DNS Records.
  3. In Type select CNAME or A.
  4. Enter the subdomain you want in Name.

Can I use DNS to redirect URL?

DNS won’t redirect the path portion of a URL, so that won’t be possible. will direct access to to, where you will need to use web server config to direct users to the appropriate page.

How do I move from root to subdirectory in WordPress?

How to Move WordPress From Root Directory to Subdirectory? Print

  1. First create folder where you want to install WordPress.
  2. Now, at WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings >> General Settings.
  3. Move your WordPress core files to the new location (/mywebsite folder).
  4. Now COPY (DO NOT MOVE) index.
  5. By default, .

How to redirect a subdomain to a new domain?

Test and see if the subdomain is now redirecting to the new domain. Resubmit your sitemap with the domain to Google webmaster tool. As time pass, the subdomain will gradually be removed from Google and other major search engine index.

How to redirect a WordPress post to a new domain?

Use 301 Redirect WordPress Plugin. 1 1. Active the plugin. The very first step is to get the plugins, it’s free and I think you have done this. 2 2. Create import file. 3 3. Import to Redirection. 4 4. Done 301 redirect at Once.

When to use 301 redirect to new domain?

Setting a 301 redirect to the addon or new domain will redirect users to the post or content in the new domain when visiting with the old subdomain URL. Also let’s assume that a post or content in the blog when it was in a subdomain to be

How to separate out sub domains in WordPress?

If your website combine couple of language, now you want to separate out each language on subdomain. For example for only Chinese article; for only French article. Then you probably struggle because no one sharing how to do this out there.