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How can you tell if a Saarinen table is real?

How can you tell if a Saarinen table is real?

The top of a genuine Saarinen table screws down onto a single-threaded rod on the top of the base. When the tabletop is in place, you should not see any visible screws between the top and the base.” Be sure to measure the table. Both round and oval versions should be 28 1/4 inches tall.

How tall is a Saarinen table?

Oval Dining Tables

w h
Saarinen Table – 198cm Oval 198 cm 73 cm
Saarinen Table – 244cm Oval 244 cm 73 cm

Who makes the tulip table?

Eero Saarinen
From the late 1940s through the 1950s, Eero Saarinen designed many of the most recognizable Knoll pieces, including the Tulip Chairs and Pedestal Tables, the Womb Chair, and the 70 Series Executive Seating Collection.

Are tulip tables sturdy?

It’s as Sturdy as it is Beautiful The base is made of iron and aluminum alloy for extra strength and durability, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over during dinner or while you toil away at work.

How do you determine table base size?

We recommend a roughly two-thirds ratio to the width of your base, and the width of your tabletop. For example, a 60” table top should be paired with a 40″ pedestal base. Give or take a couple inches and you’ll be fine.

Are tulip chairs stable?

The tulip table and chair, originally designed by architect Eero Saarinen, are the ultimate expression of Mid Century Modern design. With the tulip chair weighing around 31 pounds, these are relatively light yet also stable and sturdy.

Why is it called a tulip table?

His pedestal tables (which came in dining, coffee, and side sizes) were topped with thin, round or oval surfaces wider than their base. The coordinating chair design was called the Tulip Chair because of the flower-like shell shape of the seat, but the moniker caught on for all the pieces in the collection.

How can you tell a fake Tulip chair?

How to spot a fake. Authentic Tulip Chairs are manufactured by Knoll International and handmade in Italy. They are stamped with the Knoll logo and have Eero Saarinen’s signature engraved on their underside, as seen below. Knock-off designs will not have any of these original markings and will be plain underneath.

Do tulip tables wobble?

There are a few things to lookout for when buying a reproduction Marble Tulip Table. Most bases are made of low cost fiberglass, this type of base has too much flex and create a table that will wobble just from touching the edge. This is a very very common problem with cheap reproductions.

What is a normal table height?

28 to 30 inches tall
How tall are the three sizes of tables? A bar-height table generally measures in the 40- to 42-inch height range. A counter-height table runs about 34 to 36 inches tall, and standard dining-height tables range from 28 to 30 inches tall.

How big should the base of a round table be?

For a 10 person minimum and ideal size arrangement at a round or rectangular table , 1 person should occupy at the end of the table….Table Tops and Bases.

SQUARE TABLES Table Size Base Size
ROUND TABLES 24″ Diameter 22×22 or 17″ Round
30″ Diameter 22×22 or 17″ Round
36″ Diameter 30×30 or 22″ Round
42″ Diameter 36×36 or 30″ Round

How big is the Saarinen round dining table?

Saarinen Dining Table – 42″ Round. With the Pedestal Collection, Eero Saarinen resolved the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world” underneath tables and chairs. The collection is a defining accomplishment of modern design and a timeless addition to your home—a true classic. 42″ table seats 4 people.

Where did Knoll make the Saarinen dining table?

Together with a Knoll design research team, they worked out the problems arising in production. Full scale models became furniture and, with family and friends acting as “guinea pigs,” the furniture was tested in the dining room and living room of the Saarinen house in Bloomfield Hills.

What kind of laminates are used for Saarinen dining tables?

Many different shapes are equally logical—some ugly, some exciting, some earthbound, some soaring. Luxurious marbles, veneers and texture-less laminates, all with the highest quality abrasion-resistant finishes, create an elegant surface for working or dining.

What kind of laminates does Eero Saarinen use?

Luxurious marbles, veneers and texture-less laminates, all with the highest quality abrasion-resistant finishes, create an elegant surface for working or dining. With the Pedestal Collection, Eero Saarinen vowed to eliminate the “slum of legs” found under chairs and tables with four legs.