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Does Misao have multiple endings?

Does Misao have multiple endings?

True Ending. During the “True Ending”, Misao returns to torture the souls of those who died as sacrifices, namely Kudoh, Saotome, Yoshino and either Tohma or Sohta, depending on who the player chose as the last sacrifice earlier.

Can you save Ayaka in Misao?

Finding Misao’s Body Parts Sohta’s possession, which prompts her crush to effectively kill her in cold blood, despite not being one of the sacrifices required for the ritual to save Misao’s soul.

How many endings does mad father have?

three endings
The game has three endings based on the player’s choices.

How do you stop Hanako in Misao?

The player must then avoid Hanako while getting to the last toilet. A good strategy in avoiding her is luring her to one side then moving past her as she “dashes” towards your previous location.

Who killed Misao?

Frightened, Misao pushed Sohta away. Devastated to have gotten rejected again, Sohta raped and killed Misao, mutilated her, and hid her head, heart, eyes, arms, legs, and brain around various puzzles across the school. 3 months later, Misao began to haunt the school commencing the events of the game.

Are Mad Father and Misao connected?

Ogre is a supporting character in the games Mad Father and Misao, which are both developed by Miscreant’s Room. In Mad Father, he is known as the “weird salesman” and in Misao, as Mr. Onigawara, the head of the student council.

Where can I wash off blood Misao?

You’ll find stairs leading down. Go down, and you’ll find a room with a small body of water. Go inside the water, and Aki will wash the blood off of herself.

Will there be a Mad Father 2?

The classic horror adventure game Mad Father will get another rerelease, and this time it will be a remake coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in Fall 2020.

Are mad father and Misao connected?

Is Misao a horror game?

MISAO is a horror-adventure game in which you search for a young girl who has disappeared in a cursed school.

Is there going to be a Mad Father 2?

How old is Maria from Mad Father?

Age Possibly 12-13 years old (Flashbacks) Possibly late 20’s – early 30’s (Beginning Game) Possibly late 40’s – early 50’s (End Game)
Gender Female
Species Human

Is there a wiki for the game Misao?

Welcome to the Misao Wiki, an unofficial wiki dedicated to the game Misao created by Sen. The goal of the wiki is not only to provide information on characters, but also the game in general—including a full walkthrough for the game, and details of every ending.

When is version 3 of Misao coming out?

Version 3 was released on June 25, 2014. Neither Sen nor Vgperson have yet confirmed a sequel. When Sen was questioned on his blog, he responded with “It is undecided”.

How do you break Misao’s curse in Misao?

Aki’s classmates blame Misao’s Curse and Aki sets out to collect the six missing parts of Misao’s body to break the curse. The player moves a character through two-dimensional fields, interacting with and examining various objects. Onigawara is seen at the council room and serves as a save point. Though you can auto-save by pressing “C”.

How did Misao get killed in RPG Maker?

A quiet and gloomy girl who was murdered prior to the events of the game. Misao was bullied by a group of girls led by Yoshino, had her diary posted on the school bulletin board, and went “missing” three months before the game began. Finally, she has come to take her revenge on those who hurt her while she was alive.