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Best Finder Alternatives For Mac In 2022

The Mac Finder is a powerful file manager and graphical user interface tool, but unfortunately, it lacks many features. This is hard to accept since it is a default Apple program.

According to TechCommuters, Apple hasn’t made any efforts to update the Mac Finder in its new releases. Luckily for all the Mac lovers out there, several Finder alternatives for Mac are available.

In this article mentioned below, you will find a list of the best Mac Finder alternatives in 2022.

Commander One

Commander One works well on macOS 10.0 and higher versions. It includes excellent additions to the file manager and is free for general use. However, its PRO Edition costs $29.99


  1. Offers resilient efficiency and stability to Mac devices.
  2. It has a full-fledged file manager with a dual-pane interface that helps you open two files simultaneously.
  3. An easy-to-use and powerful app that offers full control over your files and folders.
  4. Sleek navigation and display system with an easy drag and drop menu.
  5. It can reveal hidden files with one click.
  6. It has facilities to open multiple folders in one tab.
  7. It can support three view modes together — Full, Brief, and Thumbs.
  8. Offers multiple search methods such as search using file contents, spotlight, and built-in search supporting Regex.
  9. Can configure hotkeys for frequent user operations.
  10. Supports different folder formats like .ipa, .apik, .jar, .war, etc.


DCommander knows its business and perfectly performs the tasks assigned to it.Its compatible platforms are macOS 10.7 or higher versions. It has a 30-day free trial version, after which it costs $14.99 for the license.


  1. It has a reliable dual-pane file manager that offers you complete control over the file management system.
  2. It is user-friendly with numerous customization options, including font type, style, color, and side.
  3. It has a long list of hotkeys and a command-line navigation system.
  4. Offers the option to allow files and folders using the name, extensions, date, permissions, and kind.
  5. Quickly shows hidden files and folders.
  6. It has a quick preview for the text, hex, and media files available with a viewing mode.
  7. It can connect to external storage devices.
  8. Can connect to FTP servers and more.
  9. It has a full-screen mode with Retina displays.
  10. Works with archives (ZIP, JAR, EAR, WAR, XPI, and ODT) and tabs.

Pathfinder 10

This file management software follows the Finder ideology, significantly expanding its capabilities.It is compatible with all macOS versionswitha30-day free trial and $36.00 for the full version.


  1. Sends files to your other Apple gadgets using AirDrop integration.
  2. Has an easily shareable menu with Mail, Notes, Messages, etc.
  3. The application codes are redesigned to meet Mac Big Sur requirements.
  4. Contains advanced user rights management with ACL lists.
  5. Allows complete Dropbox integration for easy file management.
  6. Has FolderSync support, which is an exclusive folder comparison and synchronization tool.
  7. It has complete multi-pass file deletion and OpenMeta file tagging.
  8. Offers a fantastic dual-pane to preview two folders together.
  9. Allows integration with various utilities, viewers, editors, and protocols.
  10. Has browser-like interface with tabs and bookmark, supporting terminal shortcuts.

Forklift 3

Forklift strictly follows Apple’s requirements for interface design and attention to detail to the fullest. You can try it for free. The full license costs $29.95.


  1. Has horizontal and vertical dual-pane for effective file management.
  2. Comes with solid remote connectivity with SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and many more.
  3. Contains an easy drag and drop menu, and can organize your files and folders with different tags such as add, remove, edit, or filter.
  4. It is nicely integrated with Finder.
  5. Can sync two files with one click and mass rename preset across multiple devices.
  6. Can provide structure to your two identical folder structures.
  7. Users can quickly select using file names, extensions, or even tags.
  8. It is heavily customizable.
  9. Contains great sorting and grouping features.
  10. Is excellent in queuing operations.

Nimble Commander

It consumes a minimum amount of resources and provides instant response, working equally quickly. It works with macOS 10.15 or higher versions and costs $24.99 on the App Store.


  1. It is minimalist and heavily customizable, perfect for a new user.
  2. Has an integration with Quick Look and Spotlight.
  3. Contains a classic tabbed dual-pane with sleek UI and text-based variants.
  4. Offers complete keyboard access to manage files in the fastest manner.
  5. Different file search and filter options are based on name, size, or content.
  6. Users can switch to the classic look, adjust text size, font, and color.
  7. You can effortlessly manage your files using its built-in attribute editor and file viewer.
  8. It supports powerful batch renaming, external tool integration, and different file formats.
  9. Works in admin mode (sudo) without having to use the Terminal.
  10. You can edit file ownership and other attributes.

With this list of best Finder replacement solutions, there is no more need to bear the headache of your default Mac Finder. Perhaps someday, Apple will think about updating its Finder, like the rest of Mac’s features. You can pick from the options mentioned above and find the most appealing one until that time arrives.