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Are custom saddles worth it?

Are custom saddles worth it?

MYTH: A custom-made saddle is worth more money than a stock model. If you have to sell it sometime in the future, you probably won’t get any more for it than you would for a stock model and since it was made to one horse and one rider’s specifications, it can be even harder to move than an off-the-rack saddle.

How much does it cost to get your saddle fitted?

However, an independent saddle fitter in my experience costs around $100 or more depending where you live. Your best bet will be to call around and inquire about prices. You can certainly do that without setting an appointment.

How much does a custom western saddle cost?

California 60,487.00 3,740.20
Colorado 60,940.00 3,759.89
Connecticut 70,161.00 4,160.64
Delaware 57,522.00 3,611.34

How long does it take to get a custom saddle?

Depending on the complexity and amount of tooling, a saddle can take me anywhere from one to three months, usually, after I get the tree. The tree takes about 6 weeks to build from start to finish, and most good custom treemakers have long waiting lists.

Are custom saddles adjustable?

These trees are often quite light and offer some flexion in the tree but are reinforced with metal plates and “springs.” While these saddles are considered non adjustable they can usually be put in a saddle press to be altered roughly one size.

How much does it cost to get a saddle fitted UK?

This cost is £150 if you live in the UK, £200 for Europe and £300 for the rest of the world. It is the attention to detail that makes the difference when fitting a saddle. Not only must it be the right width, it must be the right shape for the horse.

How much does a girth for a horse cost?

Western: $20-$400+ Girths and cinches are another super important tack item that may or may not cost you a lot of money.

Are schleese saddles good?

Registered. Well…they are really nice saddles. Among custom english saddles, they are high-range, pricewise. You might try Albion; they also do custom fitting and are a tad cheaper, but I don’t know how their service compares to Schleese.

Are old horse saddles worth anything?

Registered. Based on condition, age and styling, most Saddles like that sell for 150.00 to maybe 200.00 max.

What is the most expensive Western saddle?

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the record for the most expensive saddle ever sold now stands at a staggering $653,234 or £432,310. This particular saddle belonged to the Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, and was sold at a charity auction in November 2015.

Are CWD saddles handmade?

We handle the entire production process of our saddles, from producing the saddle tree through to final assembly. Everything is carried out 100% in our own production workshops. CWD has been awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant ” label in recognition of its exceptionally skilled craftsmanship.

Can a saddle be custom fit to a horse?

Each saddle is fit for both you and your horse. The tree is custom fit to your horse and can be adjusted throughout the life and changes of your horse. The saddle seat can also be adjusted for ultimate riding comfort as the rider changes as well.

Where can I find an easy fit saddle?

Additional saddle styles can be found by clicking on the “Saddle Shop” button below. Saddle up with the Easy Fit All Around saddle and you and your horse are ready to take on anything! Cruise the mountain trails, round up some doggies, or bring home the ribbons.

What makes an easy fit Western dressage saddle?

Superior communication and response between you and your horse is what the Easy Fit Western Dressage saddle is all about. Adjusting your saddle for the ultimate fit will give you unprecedented comfort, fluid ride, and unity with your horse as you glide across the arena.

Which is the best saddle for performance horses?

The experience that East Fit Saddles have in the performance horse anatomy is world-class. After building a beautiful, light, custom saddle for our two FEI endurance horses we have not had one issue with their backs. Each saddle is fit for both you and your horse.