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Who is still alive from Toto?

Who is still alive from Toto?

In the summer of 2010, Toto reformed and went on a short European tour, with a new lineup, to benefit Mike Porcaro, who had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and was no longer an active member of the band. He died in 2015….Toto (band)

Members Steve Lukather David Paich Joseph Williams

Who was the drummer for Toto?

Jeff Porcaro1977 – 1992
Simon Phillips1992 – 2008Shannon ForrestSince 2015Keith Carlock2014 – 2015

Jeffrey T. Porcaro, a rock musician who played drums for Sonny and Cher, Bruce Springsteen and the Grammy Award-winning group Toto, died on Wednesday in Los Angeles. He was 38 years old.

Why did Steve Porcaro leave Toto?

The song “Rosanna” was supposedly inspired by Porcaro’s girlfriend at the time, Rosanna Arquette but this has since been denied by the song’s writer, David Paich, and Arquette herself. He left Toto in 1987 after the Fahrenheit album in order to pursue a more full-time songwriting and composing career.

When did Toto disband?

Toto stayed a going concern, an intact, often touring band for more than 30 years, all the way until 2008, which marked the first time the band ever officially disbanded.

How many lead singers has Toto had?

Today Toto is comprised of four key members: Lukather, Paich, Steve Porcaro and Joseph Williams, the singer who first fronted the group in the late 80s. For the recording of Toto XIV, the line-up was completed by the return of another founding member, bassist David Hungate.

What was Toto’s biggest hit?

I’ll Be Over You. Toto. Peaked at #1 on 10.24.1986.

  • Africa. Toto. Peaked at #5 on 1.21.1983.
  • Rosanna. Toto. Peaked at #17 on 7.16.1982.
  • I Won’t Hold You Back. Toto. Peaked at #1 on 4.29.1983.
  • Pamela. Toto. Peaked at #9 on 5.13.1988.
  • Without Your Love. Toto. Peaked at #7 on 3.6.1987.
  • Toto. Peaked at #19 on 2.22.1980.
  • Anna. Toto.
  • Who sang lead on 99 by Toto?


    Who sings Africa by Toto?


    Who owns Toto name?

    Morimura Group
    Toto Ltd.

    Logo used since 1969
    Toto’s headquarters in Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu, Japan
    Number of employees Consolidated: 33,431 Non-consolidated: 8,034 (as of March 31, 2019)
    Parent Morimura Group

    Who sang 99 by Toto?

    What is the most played song ever?

    According to this list, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” is the most played song, with 8 million airs. Only includes songs with 3 million + airs. This same list appears at The article reports that Sting received a BMI Award for “Every Breath You Take” piling up more than 15 million radio plays.

    Who are the band members of the band Toto?

    Two lineups of Toto onstage in 1982 (top) and 2010 (bottom). Toto is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California.

    When did Jeff Porcaro leave the band Toto?

    Hungate left in 1982; Kimball left in 1984, but rejoined the band in 1998, leaving again in 2008. Jeff Porcaro died in 1992 of a heart attack. Hungate rejoined Toto as a touring musician and later a band member.

    Why did Steve Lukather break up the band Toto?

    Toto stayed a going concern, an intact, often touring band for more than 30 years, all the way until 2008, which marked the first time the band ever officially disbanded. But by that point, Steve Lukather was the only original member left, but as he later told Classic Rock (via Louder), neither musical nor personnel reasons caused the split.

    When did Simon Phillips start the band Toto?

    In 1995 Toto recorded Tambu, their first album with Simon Phillips, which saw the band back with CBS (now Sony). A departure from Toto’s sound of the late 1970s and 1980s, Tambu was a very organic release and featured the single “I Will Remember”, which received moderate radio play.