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Which is the best weapon in GTA San Andreas?

Which is the best weapon in GTA San Andreas?

Top 20 Best Weapons To Use in GTA San Andreas

  1. Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher. It’s hard to look further than the heat-seeking rocket launcher when it comes to claiming top spot on the list for best weapons in San Andreas.
  2. Minigun.
  3. Flamethrower.
  4. Satchel Charges.
  5. Desert Eagle.
  6. Sniper Rifle.
  7. Sawed-Off Shotgun.
  8. M4 Assault Rifle.

Where is the Katana in GTA SA?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas El Corona, Los Santos – Behind the wooden fence east of the El Corona 24/7 and 8-Ball Autos. Chinatown, San Fierro – In a dead-end alley directly south of the Chinatown Safehouse. Hashbury, San Fierro – In the underground pedestrian tunnel behind the Hippy Shopper.

What is the use of luck in GTA San Andreas?

Each acquired horseshoe increases the player’s luck by 20, as well as awarding the player $100. The luck stat can only increase as the player collects Horseshoes. Contrary to belief, luck does not affect the player’s gambling skill nor increase the probability of winning in any betting game.

How do you get infinite ammo in GTA San Andreas?

Infinite Ammo: L1, R1, SQUARE(X), R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE (X), DOWN, L1, L1 // FULLCLIP.

What is the fastest car in GTA San Andreas?

1 Infernus Every San Andreas player knows Infernus as the fastest car in the game. It’s a bit difficult to obtain, most often found in the lavish areas of Las Venturas, but once you do, its virtual V8 will roar you to a top speed of 150 mph.

How do I use a gun in GTA San Andreas?

Whether hand-to-hand or with weapons, the concept is pretty much the same. Lock on to your target with R1, then punch or shoot using either the CIRCLE or L1 button. If you’re shooting a weapon, you can cycle through targets with the L2 and R2 buttons as you continue to hold down R1.

Can you get a sword in GTA?

The sword exists in the Grand Theft Auto V game files but it is not available and is unusable, as it has no actual code to function as a weapon. Only the graphics of it exist.

Is there a Katana in GTA Online?

While GTA Online has a ton of cool weaponry, a large blade like the Katana is missing from the roster. Players are able to bring the weapon to the game using mods, but the online community now wants to petition for its addition to the popular online multiplayer.

What do oysters do in GTA San Andreas?

Obtaining an oyster, as are other collectibles in the game, awards the player $100. Collecting all 50 oysters grants the player a $100,000 reward, maximum lung capacity, and a perk where the player can begin dating new girlfriends regardless of the player character’s appearance or sex appeal.

How do you increase your gambling skill in GTA San Andreas?

In GTA San Andreas, the player can increase the gambling skill of Carl Johnson by spending money at the casinos. The skill increases by 1 for every $1,000 spent up to a maximum skill of 1000.

How do you get unlimited money on GTA San Andreas?

Infinite Health Cheat code: Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle (PS) $250,000, Full Health And Armor Cheat code: R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up (PS) $250,000 + Full Health: RT, RB, LT , A, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up (Xbox)

How do you get rich in GTA San Andreas?

Missions to earn money

  1. Firefighter missions ($45,000 for level 12 + Fireproof CJ)
  2. Vigilante missions (Unlimited money + armor increased at level 12)
  3. Paramedic missions (over 9000 and increased max.
  4. Courier missions.
  5. Burglary (approx.
  6. Pimp missions ($16,500 and you get paid for whoring if you finish)

What kind of weapons can you use in GTA San Andreas?

For the first time in a GTA game you were able to equip two weapons at the same time. But this is just one small part of what makes San Andreas such a great game. Let’s dive into some of the best weapons and see what you can use to stir up carnage in the city of San Andreas. 20. Dildo

Which is the funniest mod for GTA San Andreas?

The Carmageddon mod is a rather simple modification, but its small changes are enough to turn San Andreas into a goofy experience. By modifying the game’s car handling database, all cars in the game get some extremely crazy physics that leaves them bouncing all over as soon they’re hit.

How does auto aim work in GTA San Andreas?

The first game in the GTA series to introduce auto-aim, San Andreas makes wielding weapons so much more enjoyable as a result. On top of that, the lock-on target changes color as the health of whoever you’re shooting decreases meaning you’ll know when to stop firing.

What kind of gun can you buy in Fortnite?

First, the player can buy a lot of any type of gun to stock up ammo; Secondly, the player can use the infinite ammo cheat; Thirdly, the player must acquire 100% game completion. The Tec-9 and Micro SMG are the only weapons that share the same weapon skill (that is shown in stats as machine pistol).