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Where is the gold key in the Dweller Camp Fable 3?

Where is the gold key in the Dweller Camp Fable 3?

In the Reliquary under the Academy in Brightwall Village you can find a well-hidden Gold Key Door. To get to it, you’ll need to complete the Special Delivery (Dweller Camp) and The Ancient Key (Academy) Side Quests.

Where are the keys in Fable 3?

Fable III Silver Keys Location Guide

  • Brightwall Village (5 Silver Keys)
  • Mercenary Camp (1 Silver Key)
  • Dweller Camp (1 Silver Key)
  • Bowerstone Castle (2 Silver Keys)
  • Bowerstone Industrial (4 Silver Keys)
  • Bowerstone Market (3 Silver Keys)
  • Bowerstone Old Quarter (2 Silver Keys)
  • Mitspeak Valley (6 Silver Keys)

Where is the gnome in the Dweller Camp Fable 3?

Dweller Camp | Gnomes Fable III Guide The only Gnome in this village can be found by climbing the path opposite to the leader’s hut. Right before the first bend, turn left [1]. The Gnome is hanging from a rock, beside the stone wall [2].

Where are the silver keys in bowerstone?

Bowerstone Market // 4 Silver Keys On the end of the bridge opposite the clock tower, take the stairs down to the shop stalls below the bridge. At the end with the fish stalls you’ll find a Silver Key behind the stands. Near the entrance to Bowerstone Castle is a house on the left called Hauteville Heights.

How much money do you need in Fable 3?

In fable 3, how much money do you need to save up before becoming king in order to keep your promises and still save everyone. Like 10 million if I remember correctly. You need like 6.5 to have enough soldiers but you come up on other things involving the kingdom that requires money.

How much money do you need to get the key Fable 3?

The key can be obtained once the Hero has amassed over 5,000,000 gold. You must climb the mountain of gold to obtain it. Also, you automatically obtain the Key (no notification) when you have too much money in your own treasury, approximately when you hit 6,000,000 gold.

How much money do you need to get the key in Fable 3?

What weapon does the demon door want?

“This ancient and war-weary edifice is quite interested in weaponry.” You must max out your Melee or Ranged weapon skills (purchase Level 5 on the Road to Rule) and show a Level 5 Melee or Ranged weapon to this door to open it.

Are there Gargoyles in Fable 3?

Gargoyle in Fable III Gargoyles make a couple of minor appearances in Fable III. The ritual culminates with the Hero destroying the gargoyle.

Where is the gargoyle in bowerstone Old Town?

Gargoyle One can be found on the western side of water tower that is next to the Old Town Warehouse, right before Bowerstone Cemetery. Gargoyle Two can be found in the house named The Felling Residence on a wall in the stairwell. The Felling Residence can be found on the southern alley.

Where do I find silver keys?

Silver Keys | Basics Fable Guide

  • Lookout Point. You’ll find a bush that can be cut in the center of the area.
  • Bowerstone South. Enter the tailor’s shop and go upstairs, the key is on the balcony.
  • Greatwood Lake. It’s right near the broken bridge.
  • Fisher Creek.
  • Orchard Farm.
  • Guild Woods.
  • Darkwood Lake.
  • Ancient Cullis Gate.

Where do you get the Gold Key in Fable 3?

On the far side, turn left and follow the cliff face until you find a little path down by some ruins. At the bottom, use the key given to you and you will unlock an area that contains the Gold Key. Step on the platforms to fight enemies and slowly make your way to the key. To get this Gold Key, first you need to have access to the Aurora continent.

Where are the guild seals in Fable 3?

Inside you’ll find 40 Guild Seals. In the Sunset House area, enter the main gate and take a right as soon as you set foot on the lawn. A winding path leads back to the Gold Key Door here.

Where do you get driftwood in Fable 3?

Driftwood is an area that you can access after completing the Restoration Side Quest in Millfields (pay 750 Gold to repair the bridge). In Driftwood, complete these Side Quests to help reach the coastal islands: Pest Control and Giftwood for Driftwood.

Where to find the fireball Gauntlet in Fable 3?

Don’t let the small area fool you, there’s more to The Enigma — look for a Flit Switch at the end of the room. It’s above the door. Use the Fireball gauntlet (alone) to light the torches in the next area.