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When is the 100th anniversary of Tilburg University?

When is the 100th anniversary of Tilburg University?

Because we at Tilburg University understand that the development of COVID-19 has a great impact on you as a student, employee or campus visitor, we try to share as much information as possible about the guidelines of Tilburg University on this website. In 2027, the University will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

How to get an impression of Tilburg University?

Get to know our programs, visit our online events and get an impression of the campus and Tilburg as a student city.

When does the SSO session on Tilburg expire?

After authentication an SSO session will start that remembers your credentials. Hence you have automatic access to all SSO supporting web applications. This session expires after 10 hours.

Who is the vice rector of Tilburg University?

Vice Rector Magnificus Jantine Schuit about the Recognition & Rewards program: ‘It is time for action!’ Throughout the year you have the opportunity to learn more about Tilburg University and the Bachelor’s programs that we offer.

How to get into Tilburg University in the Netherlands?

A general description of the national application procedure is also available in English. To be eligible for admission to a research university such as Tilburg University, you must have a high school diploma equal to the highest level of secondary education in the Netherlands (the Dutch vwo diploma ).

Who is Prof Andrea Maier at Tilburg University?

Prof. Andrea Maier provides a unique insight into the science of aging and provides tips for a longer healthy life. (Dutch / SG Certificate)

Who is the fashion designer at Tilburg University?

In this second event (July, 29 17:00 hrs) a Hi-tech fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht will talk in detail about her work – how she brings together fashion and technology to create technological couture. Wipprecht’s designs move, breathe and react to the environment around; they also incorporate elements of artificial intelligence.