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What is the theme of waiting between the trees?

What is the theme of waiting between the trees?

The theme of this section was finding identity. The purpose of telling this story was to evoke the inner tiger within Lena to see what is unseen. Although Ying Ying is a tiger, she tends to hide that quality in herself. However, her trait as a tiger will always be inside of her and her.

Why did Ying Ying love her first husband?

When she was sixteen, a vulgar older man who was a friend of the family began to show interest in her. Although he repulsed Ying-ying, she instantly felt that she was destined to marry him. The marriage was arranged, and Ying-ying soon came to love the man, as if against her own will.

Why does Ying Ying abort her first child?

Why does Ying-ying abort her first child? She aborts the child because she hates her husband, the child’s father.

Why is Ying Ying confronting her past?

Clair, Ying-ying displays the same fatalism that led her to her first marriage disaster. She is roused to confront her past because Lena’s marriage is in trouble—Ying-ying’s story demonstrates, like the parable that precedes it, that the older generation can and does learn from the younger one.

Why is the story called double face?

Both women have a “double face,” the title of this section, for they straddle two cultures. The theme of heritage ties in with this duality. Waverly is unmistakably Lindo’s daughter. In addition to appearance, they share many personality traits.

What does Kai GWA mean in Chinese?

taking her virginity
Ying-ying is embarrassed, but too innocent to realize that kai gwa is a euphemism for taking her virginity.

What did Ying Ying’s husband do to her?

For four years, he courted her, buying her little trinkets, which meant nothing to her when she set them against the riches she had known. But, nonetheless, she saved the baubles because she knew that she would marry St. Clair.

What does Ying-Ying tell Lena to be afraid of?

Ying-ying says she is worried that the house is out of balance. “This house was built too steep, and a bad wind from the top blows all your strength back down the hill. So you can never get ahead.

What is wrong with Ying-Ying’s baby?

Ying-ying’s baby boy is stillborn, which she knew would happen but did nothing to prevent. In the present day, Ying-ying is in her adult daughter’s guest bedroom, and she sees her daughter’s house as ready to break into pieces.

What things are Ying Ying scared of?

What is the story Ying Ying tells Lena about Lena’s great grandfather? What is the first scary thing that Lena’s mother Ying Ying tells her to be afraid of? There is a scary man in a basement who will rape her and make her have a ton of babies which he will eat.

Why did Waverly quit chess?

To retaliate against her mother for bragging about Waverly’s outstanding chess playing, Waverly decided to quit the game.

Who really wrote the letter to Jing-Mei’s sisters claiming to be suyuan Woo?

Jing-mei’s father asked Auntie Lindo to write back to the girls and tell them that their mother was dead. Instead, Auntie Lindo took the letter to the Joy Luck Club. Together, the women answered the letter, signing Suyuan Woo’s name to it.