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What is Mobile Fidelity SACD?

What is Mobile Fidelity SACD?

Official website. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL or MoFi) is a record label specializing in the production of audiophile issues. The company is best known for its reissued vinyl LP records, compact discs, and Super Audio CDs but has also produced other formats.

What is MoFi Super vinyl?

MoFi SuperVinyl is a new proprietary compound developed by NEOTECH and RTI to address two specific areas of improvement: noise floor reduction and enhanced groove definition. The vinyl composition features a new carbonless dye (hold the disc up to the light and see) and produces the world’s quietest surfaces.

What is MoFi Silver Label?

Profile: The MoFi Silver Label Vinyl Series is mastered and cut on the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Tim de Paravacini-designed mastering system. Vinyl is pressed at RTI on audiophile-grade standard vinyl and are numbered limited-editions.

What is ultradisc one step?

Profile: Series manufactured with the intent of presenting music from master tape to consumer in order to present the average consumer with the closest musical presentation they can have to hearing the actual master tape. Presented in box sets with special inserts and 45 RPM records.

What is an original master recording?

Chris, on MFSL product, “Original Master Recording” is pefectly clear. They are sourced from the original master tapes. MFSL actually has a secondary line called “Silver Label” on vinyl for which they are also very clear – best available source, might be a digital copy of the master, or a good tape copy.

What is a half-speed master?

What exactly is half-speed mastering? It’s a vinyl cutting process whereby the disc-cutting lathe for an LP is run at half the speed – so for an album that would be 16 and two thirds, which is half of 33 and a third – and the master source is run at half the speed as well.

What is a MoFi router?

MoFi routers provide a local Wi-Fi and Ethernet LAN network, and support tethering to a cellular hotspot or USB modem to share your cellular connection. MoFi also supports direct USB tethering to Android phones and was the first router to support direct iOS smartphone tethering (a feature now matched by WiFiRanger).

What is 1step vinyl?

In vinyl record production, too, less can be more. The latest mini-trend in the audiophile world is one-step recordings, which eliminate two parts of the manufacturing process.

What is a one step pressing?

The cut lacquer is quickly metal-plated. Prying the metal from the lacquer produces a ridged metal part that can be used to press records. That is how Mobile Fidelity is doing it, and why it’s called a “one step” process. The “mother” can be plated to produce a second generation stamper that’s used to press records.

Who owns a master recording?

The owner of the master rights is usually whoever finances the recording. Typically, this is the record label, unless you’re dealing with an unsigned artist. In this case the artist owns the master rights.

Does half speed mastering sound better?

When you halve the speed, very fast, difficult to cut high-frequency sound becomes much easier to cut mid-range sound. In essence, half-speed mastering results in a superior sounding record that is both richer and fuller in the low-mid frequencies, and smoother at the top-end.

Do 45 records sound better?

Since 45s travel faster than 33s, more waveform definition can be squeezed into the format, which takes up more room. More bumps and grooves created in pressing a 45 means better audio quality. Now, at 45 RPM’s the same audio will take up a foot and a half since its traveling faster.