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What is meaning of the stare?

What is meaning of the stare?

1 : to look fixedly often with wide-open eyes. 2 : to show oneself conspicuously the error stared from the page. 3 of hair : to stand on end : bristle also : to appear rough and lusterless. transitive verb. 1 : to have an effect on by staring.

What does blank stare mean?

: a look that shows one does not understand what someone has said or does not know the answer to a question My question only drew/got a blank stare.

What does vacant stare mean?

A vacant look or stare, however, is one that shows no intelligence or the slightest spark of interest. One might find this vacant gaze in the eyes of a zombie or in the eyes of a teen who has spent the past five hours gaming. Definitions of vacant. adjective.

What kind of connotation does this word give stare?

Staring — an open-eyed look of interest or amazement — is most often used as a verb but can also be an adjective. The man asked what you were staring at and his staring eyes seemed to look right through you.

Whats the difference between looking and staring?

Looking describes an act of directing the eyes toward an object. An object could be anything, like a specific object or a whole view. Staring refers to the action of looking but with fixed eyes. When someone looks at a thing, he might just direct his eyes on the object without paying much attention to that thing.

Why do people stare at you?

When someone looks at you, it may also be a sign that they want to communicate, so your body goes on alert, anticipating the interaction. Babies, the researchers said, prefer it when people gaze directly at them, so Clifford’s team wants to further explore whether this behavior is learned or innate.

What causes a person to blank stare?

An absence seizure causes a short period of “blanking out” or staring into space. Like other kinds of seizures, they are caused by brief abnormal electrical activity in a person’s brain. An absence seizure is a generalized onset seizure, which means it begins in both sides of the brain at the same time.

Can anxiety cause blank stare?

These symptoms can be seen in various conditions, including certain forms of epilepsy, depression, and other mental health conditions. Anxiety may accompany frightening symptoms or may be related to an underlying anxiety disorder.

What are staring seizures called?

An absence seizure causes you to blank out or stare into space for a few seconds. They can also be called petit mal seizures. Absence seizures are most common in children and typically don’t cause any long-term problems. These types of seizures are often set off by a period of hyperventilation.

Does vacant mean open?

idle or unutilized; open to any claimant, as land. without an incumbent; having no heir or claimant; abandoned: a vacant estate.

What is staring at someone called?

The psychic staring effect (sometimes called scopaesthesia) is a supposed phenomenon in which humans detect being stared at by extrasensory means. The idea was first explored by psychologist Edward B.

How do you spell staring at me?

Definition of stare at (someone) : to look steadily at (someone) We just sat and stared at each other. —often used figuratively for something that should be apparent The solution was staring right at me but I didn’t see it.