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What is an example of a galaxy cluster?

What is an example of a galaxy cluster?

Notable galaxy clusters in the relatively nearby Universe include the Virgo Cluster, Fornax Cluster, Hercules Cluster, and the Coma Cluster. A very large aggregation of galaxies known as the Great Attractor, dominated by the Norma Cluster, is massive enough to affect the local expansion of the Universe.

What are clusters of galaxies called?

Clusters of galaxies, and clusters of clusters of galaxies, called superclusters, make up the structures in the geography of the universe. Galaxies are titanic swarms of tens of millions to trillions of stars. Between the stars, there can be vast interstellar clouds of gas and dust.

How many known galaxy clusters are there?

100 billion galaxies
NARRATOR: The universe contains about 100 billion galaxies in gigantic groups called galaxy clusters. Clusters are portions of space where many galaxies, sometimes thousands, are concentrated. These clusters are themselves contained within colossal superclusters.

What is a cluster galaxy?

Galaxy Clusters(def.): def. Galaxies can swarm together to form groups and clusters of galaxies held together by their mutual gravity. X-ray observations show that these enormous systems of galaxies are filled with colossal clouds of hot gas. The largest gravitationally bound objects in the universe.

What is the difference between galaxy and cluster?

Star clusters and galaxies both contain stars bound together by gravity, but while the members of a star cluster are thought to form simultaneously from a collapsing ball of gas, galaxies have richer histories.

What is the difference between a cluster and a super cluster?

As nouns the difference between cluster and supercluster is that cluster is cluster (group of galaxies or stars) while supercluster is (astronomy) an extended group of clusters of galaxies.

What is called cluster?

A cluster is a small group of people or things. When you and your friends huddle awkwardly around the snack table at a party, whispering and trying to muster enough nerve to hit the dance floor, you’ve formed a cluster. Cluster comes to us from the Old English word clyster, meaning bunch.

What is the largest galaxy cluster?

El Gordo
El Gordo (lit. The Fat One) (ACT-CL J0102-4915 or SPT-CL J0102-4915) is the largest distant galaxy cluster observed at its distance or beyond, as of 2011. As of 2014, it still holds the record for being the largest distant galaxy cluster to have been discovered with a mass of 3 quadrillion suns.

What is the closest galaxy cluster?

Distance Information The closest galaxy cluster to ours that is shown on this image is the M81 group located 104,060,000,000,000,000,000 km (11 million light years or 3.3 Mpc) away.

What is bigger than a galaxy cluster?

So what’s larger than a galaxy cluster? A supercluster, of course. Superclusters are collections of clusters connected by great cosmic filaments of dark-and-normal matter, whose gravitation mutually attracts them towards their common center-of-mass.

How are galaxy clusters formed?

Astronomers think that galaxy clusters form as clumps of dark matter and their associated galaxies are pulled together by gravity to form groups of dozens of galaxies, which in turn merge to form clusters of hundreds, even thousands of galaxies.

What are galaxy clusters made of?

Finding Out What Clusters Are Made Of Clusters are made up of two basic types of matter: luminous matter (like stars and hot gas) and dark matter. Dark matter does not shine on its own, and the only way we know it exists is because of its gravitational affect on luminous matter.

Which is the closest cluster of galaxies to US?

The small galaxies can be seen in the Local Group because they are close enough to us but the dwarf galaxies are hard to see in far away clusters. The closest large cluster to us is the moderately-rich cluster called the Virgo Clusterbecause it is in the direction of the Virgo constellation.

What makes the gas in clusters of galaxies so hot?

Astronomers have found that galaxy clusters have a lot of very hot gas (i.e., gas made of very fast moving particles) in them with about two-thirds of it in between the galaxy members of the cluster. This gas is so hot that it emits in the X-ray band.

Which is the best example of a star cluster?

Incidentally, the Pleiades is a favorite target of astrophotographers, and there are several other very beautiful pictures of the cluster available from APOD (note that there are even more than this, these are just the ones I think are the nicest):

What do the superclusters of a galaxy look like?

Superclusters. The arrangement of the superclusters and voids looks like a bunch of soap bubbles or swiss cheese with the galaxies on the borders of the huge holes. Although the picture below is only a two-dimensional version of the three-dimensional map, you can still see the lacy, foamy structure.