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What does Hot stand for in security?

What does Hot stand for in security?

Do you think the item poses an immediate threat to life? If after applying the HOT protocols you still believe the item to be suspicious, call 999. NaCTSO. National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

What does the H in hot Protocol stand for?

unattended items
HOT Protocol (unattended items) Page 1. HOT Protocol (unattended items) When faced with unattended items consider HOT: H – Hidden.

What does abbreviation Hot mean?

Hands-On Training. HOT. High Occupancy Toll (transportation) HOT. Higher Order Thinking (school system)

What is the protocol for suspicious items?

When dealing with suspicious items apply the 4 Cs protocol: CONFIRM, CLEAR, COMMUNICATE AND CONTROL.

What is hot protocol?

In the early 1990’s the British Transport Police devised advice primarily for use on the railways by way of a “mental prompt” in the form of what has become known as the “HOT” Protocol. This protocol can be applied to all areas of public life and any transport system.

What does what protocol stand for?

Finally, protocol can be used to mean “a set of rules used in programming computers so that they can communicate with each other,” such as an Internet protocol. If you are familiar with VOIP, a new kind of phone service, the letters in this acronym stand for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

What are hot protocols?

What is the full from of hot?

HOT (Hypertension Optimal Treatment)

What is the full form of hot in hotel industry?

HOT – Hotel Operation Training.

What are the 4 C’s in security?

commitment, compliance, coverage and communication
When selecting a partner for your government security program, it’s important to keep in mind the four C’s that lead to success: commitment, compliance, coverage and communication.

What is BTP protocol?


  • BTP is the bilateral transfer protocol, as described by this document and the ASN.
  • A Sub-Protocol is a protocol which isn’t defined by BTP and is carried in the protocol data (see below).
  • A BTP Connection is a websocket connection over which BTP packets are sent.

What is the principle of the hot air oven?

It works on the principle of conduction where heat is absorbed by the exterior surface of an item and then passed onward to the next layer. This method was introduced by Louis Pasture.

How are electrical devices work on the principle of hot air?

Electrical devices work on the principle of dry and hot air convection (that is circulation of heated air), conduction, and radiation. The hot air convection process is of two types. a. Gravity convection process: Heated air expands and possesses less density than cooled air which rises up and displaces the cooler air (the cooler air descends).

How does the hot wire anemometer principle work?

Hot Wire Anemometer Principle Hot Wire Anemometer works When an electrically heated wire is placed in a flowing gas stream, heat is transferred from the wire to the gas and hence the temperature of the wire reduces, and due to this, the resistance of the wire also changes. This change in resistance of the wire becomes a measure of flow rate.