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How much is a Mercury 300 Pro XS?

How much is a Mercury 300 Pro XS?

Mercury Marine 300XL Pro XS • $23,305 Anglers powered by Pro XS outboards have won more bass fishing tournaments than all other brands combined.

Are Mercury Pro XS supercharged?

Mercury’s four-stroke outboard stable continues to grow, with new Pro XS and Racing V-8 models. Mercury still makes the supercharged 2.6L inline six-cylinder Verado 350 and 400R models.

Is a Mercury OptiMax a 4 stroke?

Mercury sells 4-strokes from 4 hp to 275 hp (including its Verado line) and OptiMax direct injection 2-strokes from 75 hp to 225 hp.

Is Mercury Pro XS 2 stroke or 4-stroke?

200, 225 & 250 Optimax & pro xs Top Speed & Performance – Custom exhaust tuners and high-performance cylinder heads maximize power, torque and overall performance for spectacular acceleration and top speed. Specifications: V-6 2.5L engine. Two Stroke Direct Injection.

Why are outboard motors so expensive?

Boat motors (outboards) are expensive because they are equipped with high-quality parts that are not only designed to resist constant working at max RPMs but made with materials meant to resist corrosion well. All of this needs significant work in R&D (more money), resulting in a pricey product.

What is the difference between Mercury 150 and 150 Pro XS?

Improved fuel efficiency — The new Mercury 150 Pro XS is 5% more fuel‑efficient than the 2.5L OptiMax 150 Pro XS. Performance gearcase — The new 150 Pro XS features a 2.08:1 gear ratio that delivers more torque to the prop shaft for improved acceleration.

What is the difference between Mercury Pro XS and four stroke?

Rpm redline for the 4 Stroke Pro XS is 6000 for the non Pro XS is 5800. Pro XS’s tend to have about 10% higher horsepower over the non-XS models. At least that’s how it was between Optimax and Pro XS’s. All I See is the RPM which could yield slightly more horse power, well and different cowling.

Is a 2 stroke outboard faster than a 4 stroke?

A 2 stroke outboard motor has a faster pick-up speed than a 4 stroke. However, once running, both offer speed and power. The make and model of your outboard motor will be the biggest determining factor as to how fast your motor can run.

Which is better 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor?

The fuel efficiency of a 4-stroke motor can be 50% better than that of a 2-stroke motor with the same HP. As for environmental concerns, 4 stroke outboards produce far less harmful emissions, which can be as much as 90% cleaner than those from a similar sized 2-stroke motor.

Is the Mercury 300xs Optimax a good outboard?

In all, the 300XS puts it out there in strong fashion, especially for a DFI outboard. While performance is pretty much on par with its EFI predecessor, fuel consumption and running quality is where it wins hands down-and makes it mighty tough to go back to the old ways. WHAT MANNERS!

How big is a Mercury Optimax 3.6 liter?

DBR has already invested hundreds of hours developing upgrade kits and performance parts in various levels and costs for all 300X, 3.2 Stroker, and now the DBR 3.6 liter Mercury. Get ready to have fun. Huge torque, huge horsepower. 2.5 drags are in trouble.

When did the Mercury 300xs outboard engine test?

Comparatively speaking, that 4.9-sec­ond time is even quicker than the 5.2- second time posted by its predecessor, the 300X, when we tested it on a 20- foot Buller (“Where Bullets Fly,” December 2004).

Which is the best Optimax 300xs level 1.1 kit?

Level 1.1 kits are winning races every weekend worldwide. The first step in achieving more XS performance is the Level 1.1 performance kit. Honest bolt on power. We have hundreds of hours testing and are very proud of our kits performance. This boosts your Optimax 300XS an additional 25HP and 25 ft lbs of torque.