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How long to stretch from 8g to 6g?

How long to stretch from 8g to 6g?

10g to 8g – 2-3 months. 8g to 6g – 3-4 months. 6g to 4g – 3-4 months.

How long should I wait between 8g and 6g?

The chart below represents the recommended MINIMUM time you should wait between stretches.

10G to 8G 1 Month
8G to 6G 1.5 months
6G to 4G 1.5 months
4G to 2G 1.5 months
2G to 0G 2 months

Is 8g bigger than 6g?

First off, there’s a larger size jump between 8g and 6g. Up until 8g, there is only a difference of 0.6mm or less in between each size. After 8g, the differences get larger, and there is a 1 mm size difference between 8g and 6g.

Can I go from 8g to 6g?

This is a good ear size chart to determine how long you should wait in between stretches: 16g to 14g – 1 month. 14g to 12g – 1 month. 8g to 6g – 3 months.

Is it bad to stretch your ears every week?

Human skin only has a certain elasticity so going too big and too fast is enough to cause ripping and tearing of your skin. It’s highly recommended to wait at least a full month between each stretch and to never skip sizes so your ears will have minimal chances for long term problems.

Can I go from 14g to 10g?

This is a good ear size chart to determine how long you should wait in between stretches: 16g to 14g – 1 month. 14g to 12g – 1 month. 12g to 10g – 1.5 months.

How long does it take for 6g gauges to close?

Once it fits properly, go down another size until you reach the smallest gauge. Once you reach this point, your hole should be able to close on its own. This entire process usually takes at least 2 months. You can also help your ears along the road to healing by cleaning and massaging them with oils and moisturizers.

What happens if you stretch your ears too fast?

A “blow out” happens when you stretch your ear too fast and scar tissue builds up in the hole. This can result in permanent scarring. Stretching too quickly can tear your ear tissue in half or cause earlobe skin to detach and hang from your head.

Can you use duct tape to stretch ears?

Most people assume that they can use regular tape, electrical tape, or duct tape but this is not true! You’ll want to use tape that is not only safe for your ears but is also thin enough to use properly. You can use PTFE tape and Bondage tape.

How do I stretch my ears for taping?

Stretching with tape First, wrap your plugs or tunnels with Teflon or PTFE tape. Soak or wipe your tape with alcohol before use to kill any bacteria that may be present. You could start off with 3-4 rounds of tape, and increase the number with every stretching session.

How can I stretch my ears painlessly?

To prepare your ears for stretching, apply a warm compress to the piercing for several minutes in order to ease up the tissue and make the stretch easier. Then, wash the area, rinse well and pat dry. Once you’re ready for the stretch, apply oil around the perimeter of your piercing.

How much stretch can you stretch with tape?

But you most definitelywant to start using tape at the 2g to 0g stretch and beyond that, at minimum. 2g to 0g and everything after that is a 2mm stretch at a time and most people cannot stretch that much at one time without some damage to their lobes.

When do you start taping to find resistance?

Some people start the taping method at the 8g to 6g stretch because that is the first full 1 millimeter stretch and that’s when some people start to find resistance using a taper.

What kind of tape do you use for taping?

Taping is definitely the safer route. I just use plumber tape (aka thread seal tape). I think some people use bondage tape and there may be one other type that people use but I can’t remember.