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How do you kill the first Big Sister in BioShock 2?

How do you kill the first Big Sister in BioShock 2?

then when you get to her, lure her down to that area. then set as many traps as you can before she gets to you around the see-through wall in front of the healing station. then use the machine gun/fastest gun you have ammo for and shoot at her/incinerate her while running around the see-through wall.

Can you accidentally kill a Little Sister in BioShock?

If you save all the Little Sister you get the good ending (even if you kill one LS), but if you decide to harvest more than one or all, you will get the alternative endings. There are two, and each one depends if you saved some and harvested some or just decided to harvest all.

Do you have to kill Big Daddies in BioShock 2?

On Hard, no more than six shots are required to kill any Big Daddy on any level. Frag Grenades and Heat-Seeking RPGs, because of their high damage output, are a useful tool against Big Daddies.

Can you beat BioShock without killing Big Daddies?

Not killing a Big Daddy means you won’t be able to harvest or rescue the corresponding Little Sister, so you won’t get any ADAM for buying upgrades. The only advantage of avoiding a Big Daddy is that they are challenging enemies to deal with, so you save some ammo and health kits by not having to fight them.

Why do big daddies protect Little Sisters?

Their primary purpose is to protect Little Sisters while they escort them around Rapture.

How many endings does BioShock 2 have?

There are, technically speaking, six possible endings in BioShock 2. There are three main endings (a good ending, a neutral ending, and a bad ending) along with two possible variations of each.

Is it worth rescuing Little Sisters?

However, if the player chooses the rescue option, the Little Sisters leave a gift for every third child they save. Harvesting a Little Sister yields 160 ADAM, and saving her will only yield 80, but the gift contains 200.

Why do little sisters call Big Daddy Mr Bubbles?

The Sisters most likely got the name from seeing the Big Daddy’s out in the water and seeing bubbles from the suit whilst they breath. In their minds Big Daddies are knights in shining armor. Mr Bubbles is just a cute name they came up with for their friend.

Should I fight every Big Daddy?