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How do I run Jedi Outcast in widescreen?

How do I run Jedi Outcast in widescreen?

Widescreen resolution

  1. Go to \GameData\base\ .
  2. Create and open autoexec.
  3. Add seta r_customwidth X where X is width of your desired resolution (e.g. seta r_customwidth 1680 ).
  4. Add seta r_customheight Y where Y is height of your desired resolution (e.g. seta r_customheight 1050 ).

How do I beat galak Fyyar?

There are three ways to defeat Galak in his Cortosis armor, after the shield is brought down. The first one is to use force speed and your lightsaber combined to deliver extra fast strikes while his shield is recovering.

How do I change resolution in Jedi Outcast?

STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast™ To set a custom resolution go to \SteamApps\common\Jedi Outcast\GameData\base and open jk2config. cfg (WordPad will work just fine). Find (Ctrl + F on WordPad) seta r_customwidth and change both it and seta r_customheight to your desired resolution’s respective width and height.

How do you escape Doomgiver?

AREA 5: ESCAPE FROM THE DOOMGIVER To rise, look diagonally up and press forward. To sink, look diagonally down and press foward. The longer you do it, the more momentum you will gain, but be careful about being reckless. Make your way back through the way you came.

How do you make a Jedi Outcast 1080p?

Search for “seta r_customwidth” and set this to your screen width. Set seta r_customheight to your screen height. For 1080p, those values would be 1920 and 1080. Add the line seta cg_fov “xx” to the bottom of the config file.

How do you beat the tavion Jedi Outcast?

When Tavion throw her lightsaber, try to get in a few hits while she’s vulnerable, if possible. Use your Bacta Canisters graciously, but try to Force Heal whenever you get the chance. Occasionally, Tavion will stop fighting for a short while, which is a good time to heal.

How do you enable cheats in Jedi Outcast?

To enable cheats in your game bring up the console by pressing shift+the tilde(~) key and enter ”helpusobi 1”. Cheats are now enabled in your single player game. To use a cheat, just bring up the console, and enter it.

How do you activate dismemberment in Jedi Academy?

STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy™

  1. Go to your Jedi Academy directory. The following is the location on my computer.
  2. Create a file named autoexec. cfg.
  3. Add these entries to the file.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Start up Jedi Academy.
  6. Load up a saved game and dismemberment is now enabled.

How do you mod a Jedi Outcast?

To install mods and custom maps, go to the Jedi Outcast folder in your steam folder and go to GameData and put them in the base folder. The same goes for installing mods in Jedi Academy.

Where is the main array Jedi Outcast?

Go down the hall and up the stairs to the left. Defeat the Stormtroopers at the top and head up the nearby elevator. At the top are some more Stormtroopers and a walkway that circles around the room the main array is in.

Is there dismemberment in Jedi Academy?

Prerequisite Step: If you just installed Jedi Academy for the first time, start it up at least once and get to the main menu, so the game generates the config file. While you’re at the main menu, make sure “Model Dismemberment” in the “Options” section of Settings is enabled, then exit out of the game.