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How can you contact Eurosport?

How can you contact Eurosport?

Contact Us

  • +(356) 23 859 200.
  • Catalunya Buildings, Psaila street, Birkirkara BKR9076, Malta.
  • [email protected]

Is Eurosport Player available in Australia?

As of the conclusion of its deal with Fetch TV in December 2020, Eurosport is no longer available in Australia. Indeed, if you try to access Eurosport Player from Australia, you’ll encounter the message below. “Eurosport is not offered in your territory!” A VPN lets you connect to a server in another location.

Is rugby on Eurosport?

Eurosport India The current offering from the channel would include less-popular football leagues, cricket premier leagues, wrestling, fighting, golf, motor sports, horse racing, cycling and rugby.

How do I change my country on Eurosport?

Yes, commentary languages can be changed on the playback console for most sports events. On the video player, a drop down will give you a selection of languages to choose from. By default, videos will play in the native language of your country, unless you already changed your preferred commentary language.

Where do I find Eurosport Player?

Eurosport Player can be accessed online, on all devices, at and is also available on smartphones, tablets, Apple TV (tvOS) or Chromecast for iOS, via the Eurosport Player app.

Is there an app for Eurosport?

The Eurosport Player lets you watch all your favourite sports coverage on your device, live and on the go. Available on your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV (tvOS) or Chromecast for iOS.

How can I get Eurosport for free?

TV Player is the latest option, and allows you to watch Eurosport through your smart TV, tablet, or smartphone. There are plenty of free channels to choose from, but to get Eurosport then you’ll need to invest in TV Player Plus, which is free for a month-long trial, but £5.99 after that.

Is Sky losing Eurosport?

A new deal, struck on the day that Discovery’s portfolio was due to be removed from Sky television, now means that subscribers will be able to continue watching Eurosport and 11 other channels. Their main channel Discovery is down by one-third over the last 10 years.

Can I watch Eurosport with a VPN?

Yes, it is legal to watch Eurosport in US with a VPN. If you are using premium VPN providers with genuine US servers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark then you would not face any legality issue.

In which countries is Eurosport Player available?

Eurosport Player is available in the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Guyane.

Is Eurosport the same as Eurosport Player?

Available on website and mobile app, Eurosport gives free access to news, articles, scores, podcasts, event highlights. Eurosport Player is accessible from web, mobile, SmartTV, ChromeCast and AirPlay. The platform hosts all the Eurosport streaming services only.

How much does Eurosport cost on Sky?

Sky/Virgin), Eurosport Player usually costs: Eurosport Player or Amazon Prime Video Monthly Rolling- £6.99/month. Eurosport Player Annual (Paid Monthly) – £4.99/month. Eurosport Player Annual (Paid Up Front) – £39.99/year (£3.33/month equivalent)