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Can ref cursor can be used for dynamic queries?

Can ref cursor can be used for dynamic queries?

Answer: Here is an example script that performs dynamic SQL and returns the data as a ref cursor. …

Can we use dynamic SQL in cursor?

A cursor will only accept a select statement, so if the SQL really needs to be dynamic make the declare cursor part of the statement you are executing. For the below to work your server will have to be using global cursors.

What is dynamic cursor in Oracle?

It supports for only value,in the way you used.. You need to specify it like IN (var1, var2) ; Without knowing you , you have used bind variables. One workaround is use REFCURSOR By forming a query string dynamically. DECLARE VAR1 VARCHAR2(500); CUR1 SYs_REFCURSOR; QUERY_STRING VARCHAR2(2000) := ‘SELECT T.

What is the difference between cursor and ref cursor in Oracle?

A cursor is really any SQL statement that runs DML (select, insert, update, delete) on your database. A ref cursor is a pointer to a result set. This is normally used to open a query on the database server, then leave it up to the client to fetch the result it needs.

What is ref cursor example?

A ref cursor is a variable, defined as a cursor type, which will point to, or reference a cursor result. The advantage that a ref cursor has over a plain cursor is that is can be passed as a variable to a procedure or a function. The REF CURSOR can be assigned to other REF CURSOR variables.

What is ref cursor and its types?

A REF CURSOR is a PL/SQL data type whose value is the memory address of a query work area on the database. In essence, a REF CURSOR is a pointer or a handle to a result set on the database.

What is a dynamic cursor?

Dynamic cursors detect all changes made to the rows in the result set, regardless of whether the changes occur from inside the cursor or by other users outside the cursor. The dynamic cursor can detect any changes made to the rows, order, and values in the result set after the cursor is opened.

Can we use execute immediate cursor?

The EXECUTE IMMEDIATE option allows you to define a select loop to process the results of the select. Select loops do not allow the program to issue any other SQL statements while the loop is open. If the program must access the database while processing rows, use the cursor option.

Why do we use ref cursor?

Using REF CURSOR s is one of the most powerful, flexible, and scalable ways to return query results from an Oracle Database to a client application. A REF CURSOR is a PL/SQL data type whose value is the memory address of a query work area on the database.

What is strong and weak ref cursor?

A strongly typed ref cursor always returns a known type, usually from a declared TYPE object. A weakly typed ref cursor has a return type that is dependant on the SQL statement it executes, i.e. only once the cursor is opened is the type known (at runtime).

How do I write a dynamic SQL query?

Dynamic SQL – Simple Examples

  2. @sql NVARCHAR(MAX),
  3. @id NVARCHAR(MAX);
  4. — run query using parameters(s)
  5. SET @id = N’2′;
  6. SET @sql = N’SELECT id, customer_name FROM customer WHERE id = ‘ + @id;
  7. PRINT @sql;
  8. EXEC sp_executesql @sql;