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Why do Christians go to Namugongo?

Why do Christians go to Namugongo?

Annually on 3 June, Christians from Uganda and other parts of the world congregate at Namugongo to commemorate the lives and religious beliefs of the Uganda Martyrs. Crowds have been estimated in hundreds of thousands in some years. In June 2015, an estimated 2 million people attended the event.

Why do people go to Namugongo?

Pilgrimages are made to Namugongo Shrine every 3rd of June to remember the catholic converts that lost their lives because of their faith in God. Its a great place to visit when you embark on your safaris to Uganda.

In which Subcounty is Namugongo?

Namugongo Division Subcounty is found in Wakiso District in the Buganda Sub-Region of Central Uganda. The Subcounty has 2 Parishes and 20 villages….Namugongo Division Parishes Schools.

Parish Schools

Why is 3rd June celebrated in Uganda?

Uganda’s Martyrs’ Day holiday commemorates the late 19th-century martyrdom of a group of 23 Anglican and 22 Catholic men who were ordered by then-King of Buganda Mwanga II to be put to death for having converted to Christianity.

Who killed Charles Lwanga?

Mwanga intended to make an example out of Mkasa and silence the Christians, but instead, they became more vocal. After Mwanga discovered that a young page had been sharing the Gospel, he personally executed him by running a spear through his throat.

Why did Ugandans died at Namugongo on 3 June 1886?

The execution took place between November 1885 to June 1886 with a climax at Namugongo on 3rd June 1886, after the Kabaka (king) thought the Whites were ‘infiltrating’ his subjects with Christianity to cause rebellion against him. As a result he killed most of his servants at Namugongo.

Why is Namugongo called a shrine?

The Uganda martyrs shrine / Namugongo Shrine was constructed in the commemoration of the baganda men that sacrificed their lives for the sake of the Christian faith in Uganda. It is believed that the site of the shrine, is the exact place where King Mwanga of Buganda, killed the martyrs by burning them.

Who killed the Uganda Martyrs?

Mwanga II
The Uganda Martyrs are a group of 23 Anglican and 22 Catholic converts to Christianity in the historical kingdom of Buganda, now part of Uganda, who were executed between 31 January 1885 and 27 January 1887. They were killed on orders of Mwanga II, the Kabaka (King) of Buganda.

How Charles Lwanga was killed?

After Mwanga discovered that a young page had been sharing the Gospel, he personally executed him by running a spear through his throat.

How old was Charles Lwanga died?

26 years (1860–1886)
Charles Lwanga/Age at death

What killed Lwanga?

April 3, 2021
Cyprian Kizito Lwanga/Date of death

How Uganda Martyrs were killed?

They walked from Munyonyo to Namugongo. Collecting firewood that would be used to kill or burn them. A group of 26 young boys and men were put in the same locality with firewood and fire was lit to burn them. Therefore, it is believed that the last Martyr was beheaded, on 27thJanuary at Mengo in 1887.