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Who owns Dunton Hot Springs?

Who owns Dunton Hot Springs?

Christoph Henkel
When Dunton was eventually bought by the current owner, Christoph Henkel, in the 1990s, he decided to preserve the cabins as vacation rentals — creating a resort that exuded luxury but also aimed to preserve Dunton’s history.

Can you visit Dunton Hot Springs for the day?

If your niche is ghost town turned rustic luxury, you’ll head to Dunton Hot Springs (2hrs from Telluride). Whether permitting, a day pass includes gourmet lunch on-site and unlimited cocktails. Also, unlimited soaking in their original, custom bathhouse.

How do I get to Dunton Hot Springs?

Airport Information

  1. Cortez (CEZ) — Direct flights from Denver and Phoenix on Boutique Air (1hr drive to Dunton)
  2. Durango (DRO) — Direct flights from Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles*, Chicago* and Houston* on United Airlines and American Airlines (2hr drive to Dunton)

How many rooms does Dunton Hot Springs have?

Dunton Hot Springs can sleep a maximum of 44 guests in thirteen beautifully funished luxury cabins ranging in size from one to five bedrooms.

Is Dunton Hot Springs Haunted?

Occupying a remote corner of southern Colorado, between Durango and Telluride, Dunton Hot Springs is an 1885 mining camp turned ghost town turned otherworldly luxury resort.

Is it better to stay in Telluride or Ouray?

Agree, both towns are unique and historic. Telluride has been there well over 100 years. It is more upscale than Ouray regarding number and quality of restaurants, hotels, etc., but does not qualify as “glitzy”.

What do you wear to Dunton Hot Springs?

Dunton Hot Springs is a clothing-optional site, although bathing suits are welcome. Telluride is just an hour’s drive from Dunton Hot Springs on CO 145, and is home to world class skiing and many festivals.

Does Telluride CO have hot springs?

The Telluride area is home to several different hot springs, all located within driving distance of Mountain Lodge Telluride. Other hot spots include Orvis Hot Springs ( 41 miles away), Ouray Hot Springs (49 miles away), and Wiesbaden Hot Springs (50 miles away).

Is Telluride worth visiting?

It’s worth the hassle of getting there. Telluride is a beautiful and fantastic place to visit any time of year. The off fall season is the fantastic, when the leaves on the aspens turn gold. Skiing there is amazing–totally unpretentious, very down to earth people.

How difficult is Imogene Pass?

Expect some steep parts. Do not take this trip lightly. The road is rocky, steep and narrow in places and passing can be dangerous. A rugged off-road 4×4 with plenty of clearance & high sidewall tires is definitely required.

Is Dunton Hot Springs Clothing Optional?

Which is better Aspen or Telluride?

They said that while Aspen has multiple mountains and more acres, that Telluride had more and better terrain and was so much more of a real ski town feel than aspen.

Where are the hot springs in Dunton Colorado?

Dunton Hot Springs is a small and exclusive resort nestled deep in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies.

Is the Dunton Hot Springs worth the money?

But The kitchen must have spent less than 30 dollars on the ingredients to prepare everyone’s lunch. Admittedly, the drinks were strong, which was a positive. We were taken on a tour of the property next. The indoor hot spring was rustically elegant, but Luke warm. The outdoor springs were tepid and dirty.

Is there a soda spring in Dunton Colorado?

Colorado’s only Geyser (a tepid sulfuric spring) bubbles up every 45 minutes or so. There is a soda spring which has been recorded but, so far, never found by us and our neighbor’s fabulous lithium rich Paradise Hot Spring. Explore Dunton Hot Springs

Are there replica African masks in Dunton Hot Springs?

There were schlocky, replica African masks hanging on the walls. They were out of place in what was touted as an authentic, Colorado mining town. It was particularly painful because we had driven through Navajo nation to access dunton, where covid-stricken artisans could really use duntons support.