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Which is the contact number of Pune Municipal Corporation?

Which is the contact number of Pune Municipal Corporation?

Officers Contact Numbers to Resolve Road Related Complaints in Monsoon season. About Various Business License From Pmc’s Health Department. The Pune Municipal Corporation strives to consistently provide citizen centric information, services and platforms to enhance the city’s performance and quality of life.

Which is the best pollution abatement in Pune?

Pollution Abatement of River Mula – Mutha in Pune (JICA… Click here for more information.. Click here for more information. Pune municipal corporation department of Disaster management for the year 2021-2022 announced work and contact planning-related guidelines.

Why is Pune considered as a smart city?

Pune as a Smart City will connect citizens to local government and encourage for more direct participation, interaction, and collaboration. Smart Governance will play critical role in extension of its key services to its stakeholders with greater efficiency and transparency.

Which is the information and public relation office in Pune?

The department publicize the information on welfare schemes started departments of Pune Municipal Corporation. Many citizens often visit the various offices at Municipal Corporation. Information and Public relation office along with Reception desk guides citizen and help them to solve their queries.

Is there danger to old structures in Pune?

During rainy season, there is possibility of imminent danger to old structures in Pune Municipal Corporation area. Also there is possibility of life threatening to citizens staying in such structures. To avoid such dangerous situation all vigilant owner / developers / concerned residences are needed to inspect such old structures.

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