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Where can I take dance classes at Allegro?

Where can I take dance classes at Allegro?

Learn fun dancing styles at Allegro Music & Dance Academy. Dance classes are available in Lemont & Lockport. Our teachers are known for their ability to teach a variety of learning styles and tastes. Students get their chance to shine in Allegro Musical Theatre Shows.

Where is Allegro Dance Academy in Nashua NH?

Allegro Dance Academy offers all levels of dance technique classes in a safe, creative atmosphere that inspires and nurtures individual growth. We are conveniently located in Nashua, NH–3 minutes from Route 3 with an easy commute from Hollis, Hudson, Merrimack, Amherst, Dunstable, Pepperell, Townsend and Tyngsboro.

What kind of massage do you get at Allegro?

Offering dancers a flexible, light massage, the Marathon Stick contours effortlessly to the shape of your muscles to ease tension & soreness. Ideal for massaging leg muscles. Welcome to our community of teachers, dancers, and professional pointe fitters!

Who is Daniel from Allegro Center for the Performing Arts?

Music bed was performed by Daniel as well. Love and acceptance is in abundance at Allegro Center for the Performing Arts. We are an all inclusive community accepting all types of individuals from diverse backgrounds, unique learning needs, and a variety of life situations.

Where is Allegro Music School in North Charleston?

Located at 2731 Gordon Street in North Charleston, Allegro prepares students in grades 6-12 for the pursuit of creative work in any field, using music as a medium to inspire and foster creativity, coupled with a strong academic program.

How does Allegro Community School of the Arts work?

At Allegro, everyone is family and we strive to engage with our family members through joy and triumph. We see individuals as a part of the beautiful kaleidoscope of life, our students’ lives enrich our lives and through love and laughter we learn through their achievements.