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What kind of cathedral is the Cathedral of Rouen?

What kind of cathedral is the Cathedral of Rouen?

It is the see of the Archbishop of Rouen, Primate of Normandy. It is famous for its three towers, each in a different style. The cathedral, built and rebuilt over a period of more than eight hundred years, has features from Early Gothic to late Flamboyant and Renaissance architecture.

When did Claude Monet paint the Rouen Cathedral?

Monet painted more than thirty views of Rouen Cathedral in 1892-93. When Monet painted the Rouen Cathedral series, he had long since been impressed with the way light imparts to a subject a distinctly different character at different times of the day and the year, and as atmospheric conditions change.

When did Gautier the Magnificent rebuild Rouen Cathedral?

In 1145, he began constructing a tower, now called the Tower Saint-Roman, in the new Gothic style. A complete reconstruction of the cathedral was begun by his successor, Gautier the Magnificent. in 1185 he demolished the Romanesque nave and began building the western end of the sanctuary.

What are the names of the churches in Rouen?

Three other Rouen churches with important sixteenth century glass were St. Godard, St. Vincent and St. Patrice. The building of St. Vincent was smashed beyond recovery, but its glass may now be seen in the extremely modern, boat-like new church of Ste Jeanne d’Arc.

Why was the Cathedral of Rouen called the Butter Tower?

The new tower soon took on the nickname of the Butter Tower, though the money collected paid only a portion of the cost. Rouen and the Cathedral in 1525, from the “Livre des Fontaines” by Jacques Le Lieur. As the new tower was being built, the west front of the Cathedral showed weaknesses and began to tilt.

When was the Cathedral of Rouen hit by lightning?

The cathedral was again struck by lightning in 1625 and 1642, then damaged by a hurricane in 1683, the wood-work of the choir burnt in 1727 and the bell broke in 1786.