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What is the best Minecraft music video?

What is the best Minecraft music video?

The List

Number Name Views
1 “Revenge” – A Minecraft Parody of Usher’s DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (Music Video) 264.9 Million
2 “Build Our Machine” | Bendy And The Ink Machine Music Video (Song by DAGames) 187 Million
3 “Supernatural Mobs” – A Minecraft Parody of Katy Perry’s California Gurls (Music Video) 156.3 Million

Can I use Minecraft music in my videos?

You CAN use my music on your YouTube video/ Twitch stream. You CANNOT upload all my music as-is, monetize it and make money off of streaming all my music. This means you have to put in some creative work, be that a podcast or a video about some game you’re playing or a music video or whatever.

What is the best music disc in Minecraft?

Top 10 Best Music Disc In Minecraft

  • Chirp.
  • Ward.
  • Stal.
  • Strad.
  • Far.
  • Cat.
  • Blocks.
  • Wait (Where Are We Now)

Who is the best Minecraft player?

Minecraft Player #1: Technoblade Technoblade is an incredibly formidable competitor to encounter on the battlefield. He’s renowned for his player-versus-player combat skills, and his knowledge of the game mechanics and how to use them to his advantage.

What is the most viewed video on YouTube?

Baby Shark Dance
Top videos

No. Video name Views (billions)
1. “Baby Shark Dance” 9.32
2. “Despacito” 7.54
3. “Johny Johny Yes Papa” 5.71
4. “Shape of You” 5.46

Is Minecraft soundtrack royalty free?

You can use the music for free. However, you cannot distribute it, copy it, or make your own music based on it without permission from the copyright holder. You can do all the same things with it that you could do with any other music that you owned a copy of.

Can I use Pigstep in my videos?

But can you show it in a video? It’s a fair question, not sure why people think it’s such an obvious answer. All of the music made for the game by C418 was non-copyrighted, or was available for public use. But yes, the music is unfortunately copyrighted.

What is the rarest CD in Minecraft?

What is the rarest CD in Minecraft? Given that twelve out of the thirteen music discs can be found through creeper drops, it seems that “Pigstep” is by far the rarest music disc as it requires a small percentage generation in a rarely generated structure.

What is the rarest disc in Minecraft 2020?

The Pigstep Music Disc is the only one that can’t be dropped and is the rarest Music Disc, with only a 5.6% chance of spawning in a Bastion Remnant chest in Java Edition and a 3% chance in Bedrock. The Cat and 13 Music Disc have a chance of spawning in Dungeon or Woodland Mansion chests in both versions of Minecraft.

Who is the richest Minecraft player?

Are absolutely: Who is the most richest minecraft player To be exact Robloxs real name is David Baszucki.

Who are the top 3 best Minecraft players?

5 best Minecraft players in 2020

  • #5 – Mumbo Jumbo. Mumbo Jumbo is one of the most talented builders in all of the Minecraft community, particularly with redstone.
  • #4 – Fruitberries. Fruitberries is a solid all around Minecraft player when it comes to competition, but really excels when in parkour.
  • #3 – Illumina.
  • #2 – Dream.