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What happened to Soup Dragons?

What happened to Soup Dragons?

The Soup Dragons disbanded in 1995. Paul Quinn joined Teenage Fanclub. Sushil K. Dade formed the experimental post rock group Future Pilot A.K.A. and is now a producer for BBC Radio 3.

Where are the Soup Dragons from?

Bellshill, United Kingdom
The Soup Dragons/Origin

Who was the lead singer of the Soup Dragons?

Singer Sean Dickson
Singer Sean Dickson of The Soup Dragons banned from own mother’s funeral. EXCLUSIVE: The lead singer of Scots indie band The Soup Dragons has been banned from his mother’s funeral today.

When did the Soup Dragons Release I’m free?

I’m Free/Released

What does Soup Dragon mean?

The Soup Dragon: a benign, female creature with a penchant for Green Soup. The Soup Dragon dwells in the soup wells within the Clangers’ planet. Baby Soup Dragon was brought into the Clangers’ world when the Soup Dragon became broody, which meant the Clangers could not get any soup.

Who wrote I’m free by the Soup Dragons?

Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
I’m Free/Composers

Did the Housemartins become beautiful South?

The Housemartins broke up in 1988, just before they fully broke into the mainstream. The group’s lead songwriter, Paul Heaton, formed the Beautiful South the following year, and his new band capitalized on the success of the Housemartins to become one of the more popular U.K. groups of the early ’90s.

Did the clangers swear?

The Clangers’ voices were perhaps their most endearing characteristic — while they never uttered a word, as you listened to the rise and fall of the Swanee whistle, you were absolutely convinced you could understand everything they said.

What alcohol is Dragon Soop?

A truly unique drinking experience, Dragon Soop is a 7.5% abv drink containing high levels of caffeine (35mg per 100ml) blended with taurine, guarana and delicious flavours.

Who covered Im free?


Title Performer Release date
I’m Free The Rolling Stones September 24, 1965
I am Free Mat 65 April 1966
I’m Free Chris Farlowe November 4, 1966
I’m Free The Spotlights 1966

Who wrote the song free?

Zac Brown

Why are The Beautiful South called The Beautiful South?

Heaton and Hemingway immediately began work on setting up a new band, naming it “The Beautiful South” as a sarcastic comment on their staunch Northern roots.