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What does temporarily out of service mean?

What does temporarily out of service mean?

Temporarily out of service means not in use, in that no regular filling or drawing is occurring; or not established and maintained in accordance with these regulations; or not regularly attended and secured.

Will my Airtel SIM get deactivated if I don’t recharge?

You will loose the incoming within 7-14 days of non-recharge. Incoming means both calls and SMS. You won’t even receive a single SMS too. As per TRAI rules, your number may be permanently deactivated within 90 days but again, that depends on circle to circle.

How do I keep my Airtel prepaid active?

The base plan starts at Rs. 150 that would let you keep you number active for 180 days (6 months) and goes up to 2 years for the Rs….Airtel Number Locker – Keep your mobile number active even if you are not using it.

Denomination (Rs) Validity
150 6 months
300 12 months
600 24 months

How do I temporarily take my number out of service?

Top 10 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable

  1. Airplane/Flight mode. The easiest way to make your mobile phone unreachable is simply putting it on an aeroplane or flight mode.
  2. Change the mobile network.
  3. Change network mode.
  4. Forward call.
  5. Sim card trick.
  6. Third-party applications.
  7. Remove the battery.
  8. Aluminum foil.

What is the difference between temporary and temporarily?

Temporarily is the adverbial form of “temporary,” which comes from the Latin word tempus, meaning time. Something done temporarily is supposed to be concluded in a finite amount of time. If you drop the word temporarily from that sentence, your car may be a goner.

What does it mean when number is out of service?

If the phone rings numerous times, but goes to voicemail, that may mean the phone number is still in service. If the number is not in service, when you call it may ring once or twice but you will then get an automated message. This message will state that the number is no longer in service, or something similar.

How can I reactivate my Airtel number?

How to Reactivate your Deactivated Airtel Number

  1. Try to request re-activation via email to [email protected] or customer care.
  2. Visit nearest airtel store and submit reactivation request.
  3. Provide Address and Photo Id proofs.
  4. You may receive a confirmation call and then your number will be re-activated.

How many days will SIM gets deactivated?

In our view, the existing criteria of 60 days of continuous non-usage of a SIM should be continued for the deactivation of SIM. This is based on our internal analysis of customer’s usage pattern and behavior of customer.

Do SIM cards expire if not used?

On most mainstream mobile networks, your credit will never expire providing your SIM card remains active. Your SIM card will be cancelled automatically if you haven’t used it for a certain amount of time (between 84 days and 270 days depending on the network).

How can I extend my Airtel validity?

For those who are looking to extend the validity of their Airtel mobile number, the telecom operator offers plans including Rs 45, Rs 49, and Rs 79 with some interesting benefits. Rs 45 – The smart recharge plan offers a validity of 28 days. Users can make local/STD calls at 2.5 paise per second.

How can I make my phone unreachable without turning it off?

Follow these simple tricks to make your smartphone not reachable.

  1. Trick 1: Put Your Smartphone in Flight Mode.
  2. Trick 2: Select Network Manually.
  3. Trick 3: Forward Your Call to Any Landline Number.
  4. Trick 4: Change the Network Mode.
  5. Trick 5: Remove Your Battery Without Switching Off the Phone.

Does temporarily mean forever?

Use the adjective temporary to describe something that is not permanent. The adjective temporary is used to describe something that isn’t permanent or lasts only a short time.