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What are the types of loans in SBI?

What are the types of loans in SBI?

Types of SBI Personal Loan

Type of Personal Loan Interest Rate (p.a.)
Xpress Credit Insta Top-Up Personal Loan 10.70% onwards
Xpress Credit Non-Permanent Employees Personal Loan 11.50% onwards
Pre-Approved Personal Loan (PAPL) 12.60% onwards
Clean Overdraft Personal Loan 15.65% onwards

Which loan is best in SBI?

SBI Personal Loan Schemes

Personal Loan Schemes Interest rates (p.a.)
Pension Loan 9.75%-10.25%
Clean Overdraft 15.65%
Xpress Credit Insta Top-Up 10.70%

How many types of loans are there?

Consumer Loan Types

Loan Maximum Secured or unsecured?
Student Loans Up to $12,500 annually for federal undergrad loan Varies for private loans Unsecured
Auto Loans Usually up to $100,000 Typically secured
Personal Loans $25,000 to $50,000 for unsecured loans Up to $250,000 for secured loans Both

What are the different types of loans explain?

A loan is a sum of money that an individual or company borrows from a lender. It can be classified into three main categories, namely, unsecured and secured, conventional, and open-end and closed-end loans.

What is the interest of 20 lakh in SBI?

Low processing fees. Maximum loan amount of up to Rs.20 lakh. Lowest interest rate offered is 9.60% p.a.

Can I get loan of 20 lakhs?

Salaried individuals are eligible to apply for a Rs 20 lakh Personal Loan. To check out the loan amount you are eligible for and the EMI on a Rs 20 lakh loan, you can use HDFC Bank Personal Loan Eligibility and EMI Calculators[RRS1] .

What kind of loan can I get from SBI?

SBI Loans: Banks are the financial institutions that provide their customers with various range of facilities. Among the benefits that the customers enjoy are make deposits, open accounts and of course, availing loans.

What is the interest rate of SBI home loan?

In certain kinds of loans such as home loans and auto loans, women benefit with lower interest rate. These loans can be used at the discretion of the borrower. SBI imposes an interest rate of between 12.50%-15.50% per annum on such kind of loans.

Which is the largest auto loan in India?

SBI offers car loan scheme with a repayment tenure of up to 7 years. State Bank of India or SBI, country’s largest lender, provides a variety of loans under its personal finance portfolio. Housing loan, car loan, personal loan, loans against property and education loans are some of the products offered by SBI.

What are the different types of farm loans in India?

Different types of agricultural loans offered by the State Bank of India has been listed below: Crop loan basically covers the expenses related to crop production, post-harvest activities, unforeseen events, etc. Borrowers are given a Kisan Credit Card – a type of electronic Rupay Card that can be used to withdraw money from ATMs very easily.