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What are the symptoms of alternative cancer treatment?

What are the symptoms of alternative cancer treatment?

Common signs and symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain, difficulty sleeping, and stress may be lessened by alternative treatments. Integrating the best of evidence-based complementary and alternative cancer treatments with the treatments you receive from your doctor may…

How is treatment planned and scheduled for cancer?

Treatment scheduling involves working out the best timing and schedule for getting treatment. How complicated your plan is and how difficult it is to figure out the right doses and schedule will depend on the type of treatment you’re getting. Doctors follow certain guidelines when planning treatment doses and combinations of treatments.

Can you use acupuncture as an alternative to chemotherapy?

Work closely with your doctor to determine the right balance between traditional medicines and alternative cancer treatments. While complementary and alternative cancer treatments, such as acupuncture, may reduce nausea or pain, they generally aren’t powerful enough to replace cancer medications from your doctor.

Is there an alternative dosing schedule for palbociclib?

The investigators propose to conduct a study to test an alternative dosing schedule of palbociclib. With the current three-week on and one week off schedule, a significant number of patients develop grade 3 or higher degree of neutropenia and require dose reduction and sometimes discontinuation.

Can a rife machine be used for cancer treatment?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America has not approved the Rife machine as a treatment for cancer. The FDA also warns companies who sell these machines against making unproven claims. Rife machines can be costly. Do not believe information on the internet that is not backed up by research.

Are there any alternative treatments for breast cancer?

Aromatherapy can be performed by a practitioner, or you can use aromatherapy on your own. Aromatherapy is safe, though oils applied to your skin can cause allergic reactions. People with cancer that is estrogen sensitive, such as some breast cancers, should avoid applying large amounts of lavender oil and tea tree oil to the skin.