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What are putty pads used for?

What are putty pads used for?

Putty pads isolate plastic pipes from concrete or mortar to help speed reaction of intumescent materials. Lay putty pads under and over cables in tray applications to firestop and smoke seal heavy cable bundles-this is particularly effective in pillow installation.

How much are putty Pads?

Putty pads are UL fire rate and can be used in fire rated walls. The intumescent fire stop properties which will prevent the spread of fire, up to 2 hours. See Technical Data Sheet for more details. Pads dimensions are 7″ x 7.25″ x 1/8″ and are peel and stick….Acoustical Putty Pads.

Quantity Price
100-499 Items $4.99
500+ Items $4.49

What is the fire rating of 3m Fire Barrier Moldable putty?

4 Hour
3M Fire Barrier Moldable Putty Stix MP+

Colour Family Red
Fire Rating 4 Hour
Overall Length (Imperial) 11 in
Overall Length (Metric) 279 mm
Overall Width (Imperial) 1.4 in

What are intumescent putty pads?

Intumescent Putty Pads are designed for (but not limited to) effecting a fire and acoustic seal around electrical socket boxes. using the putty pads removes the need to install time-consuming baffle boxes. to achieve a high quality seal, ensure the socket is clean, dry and free from any dirt and dust.

How do I install fire putty?

Installation Method:

  1. Remove poly liner from one side of pad.
  2. Align pad to the side of box partially overlapping the stud and adhere.
  3. If wall membrane is in place, pack putty into gaps between box and wallboard slightly overlapping inner wallboard surface.
  4. Press pad to surface of top, bottom and sides of box.

Do putty Pads work?

The putty pad worked much better than I expected. The pad sealed the junction box and blocked the music on the other side of the wall. If you’re putting in a new wall, putty pads are a relatively inexpensive and effective way to reduce sound transmission.

Where do you put putty pads?

Please see the steps below:

  • Remove the socket plate.
  • Remove the backing paper from the pad.
  • Insert the pad into the socket back box so that the pad completely covers the back and sides.
  • Make sure the pad is not damaged or punctured during this process.
  • Trim off any excess material to leave a neat finish.

Do putty pads expand?

Should there be a fire, these Intumescent Putty Pads will activate at a temperature of 200°C where the pad will expand to fill the space left by burnt out socket boxes, creating a seal that will prevent the passage of fire and smoke.

What does STC 40 mean?

For example, if the curve created by one of your walls most closely matches the standard STC 40 curve, your wall will be said to have an STC of 40. Generally speaking, the higher the STC rating, the more effective a material is at blocking sound at the most common frequencies.

How do I install quiet Putty?

PuTTY 0.74 (32-bit) Silent Install (MSI)

  1. Select the 32-bit MSI (Windows Installer) link under Package Files.
  2. Download the file to a folder created at (C:\Downloads)
  3. Open an Elevated Command Prompt by Right-Clicking on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.
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How big is a 3m moldable putty pad?

4 in. x 8 in. (101.6mm x 203mm) 3M™Fire Barrier Moldable Putty Pads MPP+ are typically used as a wall opening protective to meet buildingrequirements, for protectionof membrane penetrations made by listed steel or non-metallic electrical boxes.

How long to test 3M fire barrier putty pads?

Pads are firestop tested up to 4 hours. For applications requiring conformable coverage, these pliable 3M Fire Barrier Moldable Putty Pads MPP+ meet a full range of firestop needs that would be impractical with strips, wraps or rolls.

How to install fire barrier moldable putty pads?

To firestop penetrations, install the applicable depth of backing material (if required), remove the desired amount of putty from the pad, form (if necessary) and install as detailed within the listed system. Make sure that putty is in complete contact with the substrate and penetrating item(s).

What kind of putty is used for fire protection?

3M™ Fire Barrier Moldable Putty Stix MP+ is a one-part, re-enterable, intumescent putty that can be easily formed to firestop through penetrations and blank openings in fire-rated assemblies. We formulated this dark red, easily moldable putty stick to provide up to 4 hours of fire protection.