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What are girl names that start with V?

What are girl names that start with V?

Baby Girl Names That Start With V

  • Victoria.
  • Violet.
  • Valentina.
  • Valerie.
  • Valeria.
  • Vanessa.
  • Vera.
  • Vivienne.

What are names that start with V?


  • Violet.
  • Vanessa.
  • Verity.
  • Victor.
  • Valentina.
  • Valentino.
  • Valerie.
  • What are unique girl names that start with V?

    Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With V

    • Vivien.
    • Vayda.
    • Vida.
    • Vivianne.
    • Valencia.
    • Violetta.
    • Venus.
    • Verity.

    What are good v names?

    Baby Boy Names That Start With V

    • Vincent.
    • Victor.
    • Valentino.
    • Vincenzo.
    • Vicente.
    • Valentin.
    • Vance.
    • Vaughn.

    What names mean beauty?

    10 baby names that mean ‘beautiful’

    • Beau. Perhaps one of the most obvious selections, Beau is a French name that translates to handsome.
    • Mei. Mei means beautiful in Chinese, and you can also alter the spelling and go for the Americanized version “May.”
    • Callista.
    • Venus.
    • Rosalind/a.
    • Jamil/Jamila.
    • Adonis.
    • Bella.

    Which name is best for girl Hindu?

    Check the list and find out which name suits your little girl the best.

    • Aadhya (first power)
    • Aanya (limitless)
    • Aarna (Goddess Lakshmi)
    • Advika (world)
    • Bhavna (purity)
    • Brinda (tulsi)
    • Binita (modest)
    • Chhaya (life)

    What are girl names that start with V Hindu?

    Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With V with Meanings

    Name Meaning Religion
    Vanishri Goddess Saraswati Hindu
    Vanisri Divine speech Hindu
    Vanita Wish for, Desired, Loved, Woman Hindu
    Vanitha Lady Hindu

    What girl names are beautiful?

    Baby Names That Mean ‘Beautiful’ And ‘Pretty’

    • Abigail: A father’s joy, beautiful.
    • Alina: The noble one.
    • Bella: Beautiful.
    • Bellezza: Beauty or beautiful.
    • Belinda: Pretty one, very beautiful.
    • Bonita: Pretty.
    • Bonnie: Pretty or attractive.
    • Caily: Pretty or slender.

    What are the top 50 girl names Indian?

    What is Indian v name?

    Modern Indian Boy names with meanings – Alphabet ‘V’

    Vamana Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
    Vamadeva Noble Lord, One of the 5 faces of Shiva
    Vamsi Flute of Lord Krishna
    Vamsidhar Lord Krishna

    What are girls names that start with the letter V?

    Baby girl names that start with V exude royalty and elegance. Violet and Vivienne are just a few names to choose from our list of popular baby girl names that start with the letter V. SORT: Victoria. Violet. Valentina. Valeria. Valerie.

    What are some uncommon names for girls?

    Uncommon Old-Fashioned Girl Names Augustina: Feminine form of Augustus. Associated with St. Augustine, a famous theologian, and the month of August. Aurinda: This name appears in many rosters during Colonial times. The “aur” is a Latin term that means “gold.”. Beatrix: It means blessed or happy traveller.

    What are good names to name a girl?

    Along with Sophia and Emma, other classic girl names in the US Top 50 include Amelia, Abigail, Elizabeth, Victoria, Grace, Hannah, Eleanor, and Claire. Quirkier classic names for girls include Priscilla, Theodora , Georgia, and Felicity.

    What are some unpopular girl names?

    Most unpopular girls names. Cilla. Bertha. Cynthia. Janice. Anita. Marcia. Mildred.