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Is Mirage a good mini split brand?

Is Mirage a good mini split brand?

In Conclusion. The Mirage family has been supplying homes with mini split systems for years, and has built a trusted brand that seems to impress. Their products last long, they provide a great warranty, and their units are efficient at all time of the year.

What is the average cost of a mini split?

The average cost for ductless mini split air conditioning installation costs between $1,700 to $8,500. To heat or cool an average living room alone with a square footage of 350 square feet, a 12,000 BTU ductless AC unit with a 21 SEER rating would end up costing around $3,500 for the unit + installation costs.

Are Blue Ridge mini splits any good?

Blueridge mini-splits are a high quality, energy efficient and inexpensive option for cooling and heating many types of spaces without ductwork. Blueridge mini-splits compare favorably to well-known brands at a fraction of the price. They have the highest online product ratings of all mini-split brands.

How much does a gree mini split cost?

Gree Mini Split System Prices

Models Outdoor Unit Price Indoor Unit Price
Single-Zone Series
Sapphire $1,235-$2,165 $265-$550
Crown, Crown+ $1,045-$1,575 $265-$500
Terra $885-$1,850 $265-$550

How much are mini splits in Mexico?

A small 12,000 BTU standard unit will cost around $450 USD, but a large 36,000 BTU inverter unit can be as much as $1,200 USD. When we first moved to Mexico, I immediately identified these things as a potential money pit that would require constant maintenance and repair — and I wasn’t wrong.

Who makes aux mini split?

The AUX Group based in China is one of the Top 500 enterprises in China and began in 1986. Over the years they have diversified into six (6) groups including intelligent power equipment, home appliance, mobile intelligent terminal, real estate, medical service and financial investment.

Are mini splits worth the money?

When you consider everything you get in return, ductless mini splits are definitely worth the cost. Not only do you save money upfront, but you do so over the long run as well. If you have questions about the cost of installing a ductless mini split AC system in your home, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Can I install my own mini split system?

Most ductless mini split systems are installed by a professional because the refrigerant line must be cut and then charged. It is possible to install the air handler and condenser unit on your own and bring in a professional to complete the refrigerant line setup. They are the smallest, simplest systems to install.

Who makes Blue Ridge Mini Split?

Blueridge is a brand of mini-split ductless heat pumps. The Blueridge brand is the in-house product of Alpone Home Air, located in Chicago, IL, It is manufactured by Midea. Midea Group, which is headquartered in China and reported revenue of approximately $35.2 billion in 2017.

Why do mini splits leak water?

Why Water Is Leaking From Your Mini Split AC The most common reason for a leak is because the drainage pipe is blocked. The drainage pipe collections the condensation runoff and moves it to the outside of your home. When the drainage pipe becomes clogged, the condensation runoff will backup and wind up on your floor.

What size mini split do I need?

BTU Sizing Chart for Mini Split Systems

Area To Be Cooled Capacity Needed (BTUs Per Hour)
300 to 350 square feet 8,000 BTUs
350 to 400 square feet 9,000 BTUs
400 to 450 square feet 10,000 BTUs
450 to 550 square feet 12,000 BTUs

What does FO mean on GREE mini split?

10 F0 Malfunction of indoor ambient temperature sensor at air return port Indoor ambient temperature sensor If the indoor ambient temperature sensor is detected of open circuit or short circuit for 5s successively, indoor ambient temperature sensor malfunction will be reported.

Who is the manufacturer of Mirage mini splits?

See below for import records proving that they did/do in fact have systems produced by Gree (Under their previous name) and Midea (Under their current name). We sell the Midea brand here at Minisplitwarehouse, as they offer superior warranty and support.

Why was the Mirage minisplit banned from the USA?

The problem at the time, was that their product was charged with R22 Freon, which had been banned from the USA. We declined offering their brand due to this deceptive business practice, we feel that our customers should receive the newest freon in there system as per federal law.

How much does a mini split air conditioner cost?

Only 11 left in stock – order soon. . . Only 14 left in stock – order soon. . 12000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner – Ductless AC/Heating System – 1 Ton Pre-Charged Inverter Heat Pump – 21 SEER – 12’ Lineset & Wiring – 100% Ready to Install – USA Parts & Support…

Are there any manuals for the Mirage Minis?

People have called us many times in the past trying to get support on the Mirage brand, often complaining that the manuals are not in english.