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Is it legal to catch yabbies in NSW?

Is it legal to catch yabbies in NSW?

This rule change will prohibit the use of these traps in the remaining waters of NSW. Recreational fishers are currently able to use open style pyramid lift nets to target yabbies in all inland waters where hoop nets are permitted. To obtain a free open-top yabby net, please phone (02) 6051 7760 (Monday to Friday).

Where can I buy yabbies in NSW?


  • Aquablue Seafoods Pindimar NSW 2324 Neil Meyrick “yabbies available”
  • Mudgee Yabbies and Fish “bait yabbies” “dam stockers” “eating yabbies” Marg & Peter Burns Phone: 02 63732236, Email: [email protected].
  • Narrabri Fish Farm.

Is live bait legal in Australia?

Live bait from other waters You must not use live bait from a separate waterway as bait or berley. It is an offence to release live bait in a water other than where the bait was initially caught. The release of live bait into other water bodies can result in the spread of undesirable fish species and/or disease.

What is the best bait for yabbies?

I have found Liver to be the absolute best in Yabby baits. If you can’t get Liver, you can try Heart (Cow or Sheep), can of tuna (or any tin of Cat food!), piece of chuck steak. Really it can be anything that can leech blood or something that has plenty of oil in it.

Can you use live bait in NSW?

You must not hold prohibited size fish or fish in excess of the legal bag limit in a live well or use them for bait even if they are injured or dead on capture. If you have purchased fish or bait from a commercial vendor, retain the receipt to present to an I&I NSW Fisheries Officer. Use a cast net in NSW waters.

Is it illegal to fish with cheese?

There is a myth surrounding the use of cheese as bait. Cheese is not an illegal bait, and with the amount of anglers catching Murray cod on cheese each summer in Wangaratta, there would be dead fish floating everywhere if the other stories were true.

Do yabbies live in all dams?

Yabbies can live in virtually any body of fresh water including rivers, lakes and dams.

Do yabbies destroy dams?

The common yabby is a popular species for aquaculture, although their burrowing can destroy dams.

Does Woolworths sell fish bait?

Tweed Bait Blue Bait 250g.

What time of year is best to catch yabbies?

Yabbies like nothing more than a stinky old piece of meat. So when is yabby season? You can catch yabbies year-round, but the best time to try is summer and early autumn. From late-autumn, through winter and into early spring, they bury themselves in the mud to conserve energy, mate and protect themselves.

Can you use dead fish as bait?

Think of a dead bait as you would a lure. You are trying to trick the walleye into believing it’s about to eat its natural, “living” prey. All things being equal, walleye would much rather eat live swimming prey than dead stuff. It’s just in their natural biology to react to live bait this way.

Where does the yabby crayfish live in Australia?

It occurs west of the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales and over a large area of the Australian continent. It has adapted to many different habitats, from the cold waters of the Snowy Mountains lakes to the hot centre of Australia and is the most abundant and successful of the Australian freshwater crayfishes.

What kind of fish can you catch with a yabby pump?

Introduction The common freshwater yabby (Cherax destructor) is the best known of the hundred or so freshwater crayfish species found in Australia (not to be confused with the saltwater yabby, ghost shrimp or pink nipper, which is often caught for fish bait using a ‘yabby’ pump).

Where can I get yabbies and mussels from?

We supply yabbies and freshwater mussels for stocking your dam or your backyard pond, and yabbies, mussels and shrimp to use as fishing bait. Products can be sent to most of NSW, as well as Melbourne area, and in most cases delivered to your door.

What kind of water does a yabbies live in?

Yabbies can live in virtually any body of fresh water including rivers, lakes and dams. Yabbies burrow and are able to survive long periods of drought. No products in the cart. Narrabri Fish Farm is an accredited hatchery under the NSW Department of Primary Industries Hatchery Quality Assurance Scheme for Murray Cod and Golden Perch.