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Is Evinrude eTec a good motor?

Is Evinrude eTec a good motor?

Evinrude’s New E-TEC 150 Is the Most Efficient Boat Engine We’ve Ever Seen. If you, like me, enjoy nerding out on outboard motors, then prepare to indulge your inner marine-propulsion geek with this news of Evinrude’s new 150-horsepower E-TEC G2. With outboards, they’re pretty much all reliable these days.

How many hours will an eTec last?

Generally they saw about 800 hours. So for the last four years they have been replacing those etecs with Yamaha 4 strokes and are having great results (no issues).

Is Evinrude eTec going out of business?

We will discontinue production of Evinrude E-TEC and E-TEC G2 outboard engines. Following our decision to discontinue E-TEC and E-TEC G2 outboard engines, we have signed an agreement with market leader Mercury Marine to support boat packages and continue to supply outboard engines to our boat brands.

Are Evinrude eTec fuel injected?

The Evinrude eTec outboards have 2 electrical circuits, a conventional 12 volt circuit, as well as a 55 volt output for the fuel injectors. The fuel is then injected into the cylinders at as much as 600psi.

What really killed Evinrude?

“Fortunately, Mercury pursued four-strokes and executed brilliantly. BRP stuck with two-strokes. That difference in choices is—in my opinion—what killed the Johnson brand a while back and hurt Evinrude irreparably today. COVID-19 is just the final nail.”

What went wrong with Evinrude?

Evinrude wasn’t in the 300 HP + space and that hurt them. They didn’t have the same dealer network that Mercury or Yamaha did and didn’t own as many transoms, making it tough out of the gate. Evinrude had legacy Etec engines alongside the new G2 engines for too long.

Why is Evinrude closing?

Today, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) announced that it is immediately shutting down production of the venerable Evinrude outboard engines in order to focus on its other marine endeavors. Altogether, it made the most sense to shut down Evinrude and repurpose the plant for new products and consolidation.

Why is Evinrude shutting down?

Why did Evinrude fail?

Why did Evinrude stop making outboards?

Company says it will no longer make Evinrude outboard boat engines, citing impact from coronavirus. Company president and CEO José Boisjoli said, “Our outboard engines business has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, obliging us to discontinue production of our outboard motors immediately.

What does ETEC stand for?

Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (E. coli), or ETEC, is an important cause of bacterial diarrheal illness. Infection with ETEC is the leading cause of travelers’ diarrhea and a major cause of diarrheal disease in lower-income countries, especially among children.

Did Mercury buy out Evinrude?

BRP Discontinues Evinrude Outboard Engines, Signs Agreement with Mercury Marine. The company will discontinue production of Evinrude E-TEC and E-TEC G2 outboard engines.

Is the Evinrude E-TEC a good deal?

As you know like with any brand you here good and bad, my only concern would be how available are parts and service going to be if you are going to keep it long term. You don’t normally discontinue a good quality stable product. There are a lot of “good” deals on boats with e-tecs out there because they have e-tecs hanging on the back of them.

What are the reviews of the Evinrude 25 hp?

Review #949725 is a subjective opinion of poster. We bought a Evinrude Motor mainly because of the name and are very ticked about it. It is 2010 E-Tec 25 hp the second year we had it had to bring in to be serviced didn’t start now we have a oil leak and had to have the oil container replaced.

Are there any issues with the Evinrude 150?

While we do not sell evinrude, we do take several on trade and can communicate, there have been very few issues with the 150s. truth be told, that motor will ”probably” last a lifetime with zero to low issues. My first question would be, who in the area could or would be able to fix if you had issues.

What kind of oil does the Evinrude e90dslsdr use?

E90DSLSDR Build 08/05 Cruising at idle to medium speed, the engine sometimes switches into limping mode and the max RPM is limited until engine stop and restart (reboot) is performed. The control box stores error 38 (oil pressure). The E-TEC is running with special E-TEC XD-100 oil.