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Is Basis singular or plural?

Is Basis singular or plural?

1. Bases is the plural of base. 2. Bases is the plural of basis.

What is another word for cover all bases?

What is another word for cover all bases?

protect defend
cover up give shelter
ward off give cover
insure maintain
uphold oversee

How do you use basis and bases?

Basis means a starting point, base or foundation for an argument or hypothesis when used as a noun. Bases means foundations or starting points, checkpoints when used as a noun. A good way to remember the difference is Bases is the plural of base. Out of the two words, ‘basis’ is the most common.

What does the expression cover all bases mean?

to prepare for every possibility
The idiom cover all the bases means (1) to prepare for every possibility, (2) to give attention to every aspect of a situation or problem, or (3) to inform (someone) of all matters at hand.

How do you use the word basis?

the most important or necessary part of something.

  1. This document will form the basis for our discussion.
  2. On a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. He only holds the post on an interim basis.
  4. They are now living together on a permanent basis.
  5. Their claim had no basis in fact .
  6. Salary levels are reviewed on a yearly basis.

What is the full meaning of basis?

BASIS. Basic Assessment and Services Information System.

What is the word for covers everything?

1 camouflage, cloak, conceal, cover up, curtain, disguise, eclipse, enshroud, hide, hood, house, mask, obscure, screen, secrete, shade, shroud, veil.

What is a word for all encompassing?

Definitions of all-encompassing. adjective. broad in scope or content. synonyms: across-the-board, all-embracing, all-inclusive, blanket, broad, encompassing, extensive, panoptic, sweeping, wide comprehensive, overarching. including all or everything.

What does basis stand for?


Acronym Definition
BASIS Basic Achievement Skills Individual Screener (education assessment)
BASIS Business Action to Support the Information Society (International Chamber of Commerce)
BASIS Barents Sea Impact Study
BASIS British Airways Safety Information System (aviation)

How do I cover my bases?

To ensure one’s safety or success by dealing with every potentially problematic aspect of a situation or activity. A reference to baseball, in which the defensive players must make sure all bases (and baserunners who may occupy them) are accounted for.

What does par for the course mean in English?

An average or normal amount; just what one might expect. For example, I missed three questions, but that’s par for the course. This term comes from golf, where it refers to the number of strokes needed by an expert golfer to finish the entire course.

What is basis with example?

The basis is defined as the foundation of something, or as a concept or a necessary part of something. An example of a basis is the foundation of a house. An example of a basis is the reason for which someone may choose to affiliate himself with a specific party.