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In what order should I watch Code Lyoko?

In what order should I watch Code Lyoko?

  1. Season 1 (2003-2004) Episode 00 XANA Awakens.
  2. Season 2 (2005-2006) Episode 27 New Order.
  3. Season 3 (2006) Episode 53 Straight To Heart.
  4. Season 4 (2007) Episode 66 William Returns.
  5. Season 5 (2009-2014) Episode 96 Requiem.
  6. Season 6 (2014) Episode 131 The Fifth Year Of Kadic.
  7. Season 7 (2014)
  8. Season 8 (2014)

Is Code Lyoko in order?

This is a list of episodes for the French animated television series, Code Lyoko. The first season has no set viewing order save for the last two episodes, so it is listed by the order in which it aired.

Did Code Lyoko get Cancelled?

Code Lyoko (French pronunciation: ​[kɔd ljɔko]) is a French animated television series created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo and produced by the MoonScoop Group that premiered on France 3. The series began its first, 97-episode run on 3 September 2003, on France’s France 3, and ended on 10 November 2007.

How many seasons are there of Code Lyoko?

Code Lyoko/Number of seasons

Is there a prequel to Code Lyoko?

Awakens was the two-part prequel episode of Code Lyoko, followed by Season 3. Chronologically, it takes place a few weeks before the events of Teddygozilla, the first episode of Season 1. In some countries, this prequel was known as “episode 0”.

Does Jeremy ever go to Lyoko?

Jeremy Belpois is a member of Team Lyoko, and the brainiac always present. Jeremie has only gone to Lyoko (or attempted to) a few times because he is afraid of the scanners, despite the fact he operates them. However, he can overcome his fear if his friends and girlfriend are in danger.

How does Code Lyoko end?

Sissi arrives at their table to insult them and secretly places a “mini GPS” chip on Ulrich’s jacket before walking away. Yumi then arrives at the table, in a noticeably cheerier mood compared to the others, and reveals that today is the day the group will shut down the Supercomputer, ending their adventures on Lyoko.

Who does Yumi end up with in Code Lyoko?

She is in the 9th grade, but the rest of the Lyoko Warriors are in the 8th grade. In “Echoes” Yumi and Ulrich become a couple, before the last “Return To The Past”.

Does Sissi ever go to Lyoko?

When Sissi was a member of the Lyoko Warriors for a brief period in X.A.N.A. Awakens, she did not want to go to Lyoko, and was very frightened at the thought of being virtualized. Sissi is also the first person to be dropped from the group after joining.

How many episodes are in season 4 of Code Lyoko?

thirty episodes
Trivia. This is the longest season produced, boasting thirty episodes rather than twenty-six.

Why did they change Jeremy’s voice in Code Lyoko?

During the first half of Season 1, Jeremie’s voice was a little high pitched. However, during the rest of Seasons 1 and 2, Jeremie’s voice was much deeper. This is a result of his voice actress trying to mimic a French accent.

Who does odd like in Code Lyoko?

Just like his five best friends, Odd has a bad and teasing relationship with Sissi, due to the fact that she always makes fun of him at every possible opportunity and the fact that she hates his dog.