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How many rivers are in Bogra?

How many rivers are in Bogra?

Bogra Karatoya, Kathakoli, Bangali, Tulsiganga, Little Jamuna, Nosar, Badal: (7 rivers).

What country is Bogra?

Bogra, officially called Bogura, formerly Bagura, city, northwestern Bangladesh. It lies on the west bank of the Karatoya River, which is a tributary of the Jamuna River (the name of the Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh).

How many areas are in Bogra?

26.86 mi²

How many villages are there in Bogra?

Bogra district consists of 5 municipalities, 48 wards, 166 mahallas, 11 upazilas, 109 union parishads, 1782 mouzas and 2706 villages.

Which city is most beautiful in Bangladesh?

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Bangladesh

  • Cox’s Bazar. Located in Chittagong Division, Cox’s Bazar, sometimes referred to as Panowa, is a beautiful seaside town with the longest unbroken sandy beach not just in the country, but in the world.
  • Sonargaon.
  • Bogra.
  • Dhaka.
  • Mymensingh.
  • Khulna.
  • Paharpur.

How did Bogra get its name?

Bogra is named after Nasiruddin Bughra Khan, the Governor of Bengal from 1279 to 1282 and the son of Delhi Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban. The city is approximately 69.56 km2 (26.86 sq mi) and is divided into 21 wards. Bogra has a population of around 540,000 people.

What is Bangladesh Bogra zip code?

Bogra District/Zip codes

Why was Bogra made a city in 1876?

Easy accessibility by road and railway makes Bogra a commercial centre for the southern Barind region, between the upper Padma ( Ganges [Ganga]) and Jamuna rivers. It was incorporated as a municipality in 1876. It has a park, a theatre hall, and a nursery for silk production and also is the seat of many government colleges.

Where did Mohammad Ali Bogra go to college?

Mohammad Ali Bogra grew up in Bogra, having studied first at the local Hastings House and then educated at the local Islamic madrassa (lit. monastery) in Calcutta. After his matriculation, Bogra went to attend the Presidency College of the Calcutta University where he secured his graduation with a BA degree in political science in 1930.

Which is the first urban archaeological site in Bangladesh?

Mahasthangarh ( Bengali: মহাস্থানগড় Môhasthangôṛ) is one of the earliest urban archaeological sites so far discovered in Bangladesh. The village Mahasthan in Shibganj thana of Bogra District contains the remains of an ancient city which was called Pundranagara or Paundravardhanapura in the territory of Pundravardhana.

When did Mohammad Ali Bogra make Pakistan a Federal Republic?

At home front, he successfully proposed the popular political formula that laid the foundation of the constitution in 1956 which made Pakistan a federal parliamentary republic.