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How many ports are there in Vizag?

How many ports are there in Vizag?

Visakhapatnam Port is one of 13 major ports in India and the only major port of Andhra Pradesh….Visakhapatnam Port.

Visakhapatnam Port Trust
Available berths 24
Chairman K Rama Mohana Rao IAS
Annual cargo tonnage 72.72 million tonnes (2019–20)

What are the special characteristics of Visakhapatnam port?

It is a natural port endowed with deep water basins formed by a high promontory into the sea,known as Dolphin’s Nose Hill to the south and Ross Hill to the North of the entrance channel.

How many berths are there in Visakhapatnam port?

Harbour Facilities

Feature Inner Harbour Outer Harbour
Water Spread (Hectares) 100 200
Berths 21 6 +1 (SPM)
Max.Draft(Mtrs.) 14.5 18.10
Max. length (Mtrs.) PANAMAX Cape Size

Where is Vizag port located?

Visakhapatnam Port is one of the leading major ports of India. The Port is located on the east coast of India in between Chennai and Kolkata at a latitude of 17042′ 00” North and longitude of 83023′ 00” East and the time zone is GMT + 5:30.

Can we visit Vizag port?

Port and dockyard are restricted areas and not open for visitors. There are certain days when this is allowed for family members and friends of navy officials(“Day at Sea” programme).

Is Vizag port natural or artificial?

Visakhapatnam harbour is a port in Andhra Pradesh. It is a land locked harbour. It is a natural harbour.

Which is oldest port in India?

Kolkata Port Trust
Kolkata Port Trust, India’s oldest port, to lease area as big as London Docklands.

Is Visakhapatnam safe?

Crime rates in Visakhapatnam, India

Level of crime 35.06 Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 57.41 Moderate
Worries home broken and things stolen 41.12 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed 37.91 Low
Worries car stolen 27.91 Low

Which is the largest natural port in India?

Mumbai is the largest natural port in India.

Which is oldest port?

The harbour on the Red Sea coast dates back to 4,500 years and belonged to the days of the Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) who died around 2566 BC. A French-Egyptian archaeological mission discovered the port at Wadi Al-Jarf area, 180 km south of Sueze, Egypt State Information Service reported.

Which is the deepest Harbour in India?

Krishnapatnam Port
Krishnapatnam Port, which is capable of handling 75 million tonnes of cargo per annum, is the deepest port of India with a draft of 18.5 metres.

Is Visakhapatnam safe for girls?

Though the city is considered to be a relatively safe place for women, crime against women has been on the rise, albeit marginally. The total number of cases of violence against women this year has already gone up to 500 till date (nine-month period) as compared to little over 600 cases in the entire last year.

What is the storage capacity of Vizag port?

The port has covered and open storage areas with enormous capacity. Excellent cargo evacuation and receiving infrastructure support smooth cargo movement in and out of the port. There are two stack yards with a maximum storage capacity of 300,000 tonnes approximately.

How is Visakhapatnam Airport connected to Vizag port?

The Terminal is connected to the national network of “Chennai-Visakhapatnam-Howrah” rail corridor through Visakhapatnam Port Terminal’s R&D yard. National Highway No.5 (Chennai – Kolkata) is about 4 k.m from Port. Visakhapatnam airport is 10 kms from the port and is well connected with all major domestic and international airports.

Which is the official website of Visakhapatnam Port Trust?

Beware of Fake websites with fake job offers. is the only original website of Visakhapatnam Port Trust. Port of Visakhapatnam is one of the 12 major ports of India. It is located on the east coast, midway between Kolkata and Chennai.

Where is Visakhapatnam located on the east coast?

It is located on the east coast, midway between Kolkata and Chennai. During the FY 2019-20 the Port handled a record quantity of 72.72 million tons standing 3rd among major ports and first among the east coast ports. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.