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How many levels are there in 100 doors games?

How many levels are there in 100 doors games?

As mentioned above, there are a series of 100 levels and each one is offering you a unique environment to navigate and collect items for the completion of Puzzles. It features endless re-playabilities and lets you visit any completed level any time to play again. The soundtrack is relaxing and will engage you for endless hours of fun.

How to unlock the third door in 100 doors games?

Completion of the first level leads you to the 2 nd level, where you find yourself standing in the principal room having a briefcase, tables, the world’s map, and a few tables. To open the door, you have to move the map placed in a cupboard by sliding your finger from left to right, and the door will open. Are you ready to unlock the third door?

How do you open a door in escape from school?

At the early stage, you can easily open a door by merely hitting the button placed next to the door. It seems the first level takes place in the classroom where you are trapped and need to escape. Following the floating hand, and tap the red-colored button to escape. Level 2

Where do you go when you open the door in 100 doors?

Once the trolley touches the wall, the door will open to lead you to the next level. The game takes you to a biology lab, where you discover a skeleton, a fish jar, and other equipment.

How to get out of room 21-30 escape from school?

Tap and collect a knife from the bench on the right. Tap and collect a crowbar by the small fountain. Tap and collect a spoon from the floor by the table on the left. Use the crowbar on the box to open it. Use the knife on the bag inside to open that. Use the spoon on the open bag to collect some seed from it.

How do you solve puzzles in 100 doors games?

A unique puzzle is here to solve, and this time, you may get puzzled because you don’t know where to tap. Don’t 100 Doors Games 2021: Escape from School Walkthrough will help you to solve all available puzzles. You need to remove the blocks right after the trolley’s wheels and tilt your device to the right side.

How to do the 100 doors walkthrough solution?

12133212333 For 1 Touch First for 2 Second for three touch third. You will find the key. Pick the Key Open the door. Mix Water and Fire. Then That new created with Sky. The New With Fire. The New With Fire Again The new created key with water. Touch the key. Move those to next as same. larger wont go up of smaller one.