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How do you fight Margaret in Persona 4?

How do you fight Margaret in Persona 4?

The battle with Margaret can only be attempted after several requirements have been met:

  1. You must be playing on New Game Plus.
  2. You must Max out the Empress Social Link.
  3. You must be on the path to the True Ending on March 20th.
  4. You must defeat all optional bosses by the end of January.

Can Margaret first playthrough fight?

As mentioned previously, Margaret can only be fought during New Game Plus. If you are in your first playthrough, she will not issue a challenge even if you complete all other tasks. Next, you need to have already met the requirements to gain the True Ending before reaching March 30.

What persona does Margaret use?

Margaret Selection Margaret can use each one of the three persona she uses in combat (Yoshitsune, Cu Cuchulain and Ardha) after any move she desires to use, allowing to cancel her persona moves into each other similar to “rekkas” in many fighting games.

How do you do Margaret’s requests?

To activate the social link with Margaret, simply visit the Velvet Room from May 19th or later. You’ll need Level 3 Knowledge to get Margaret to pay attention to you, though. This rank is a freebie, but from here on in you’ll need to earn Margaret’s approval.

Who is the final boss in Persona 4?

Ameno-sagiri is an antagonist in Persona 4.

What days can you visit Nanako?

Beginning on November, 22nd, you can visit Nanako in the hospital. In order to visit, you will need to talk with a different person each time. To earn the trophy, you must visit her three (3) times while she is there. On 11/22, speak with Yosuke in the 2-2 Classroom.

How do you unlock secret boss Margaret?

She is a hidden boss found in the Velvet Room. At the start, she will be your ally serving you with different missions to fuse Personas. Featuring the Empress Rank once you reach Rank 10 you will unlock the boss fight. But before acing Margaret you will have to defeat all the previous bosses.

Is Margaret in p3?

Persona 3 Portable Margaret will be standing at the center of what looks to be another version of the Desert of Doors from the Abyss of Time.

How do you get GDON with Rampage in Persona 4 Golden?

Gdon is a Persona that can be acquired from Shuffle Time in the Void Quest dungeon. One of Margaret’s Social Link requests is a Gdon that has inherited the skill Rampage. To do so, the Yu Narukami can fuse either: Ares (that learns Rampage at level 28) + Shiisaa; or.

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What level should I be for Ameno-Sagiri?

level 70
The battle with Ameno-sagiri begins directly after the battle with Adachi, and HP and SP counts will not be restored, which leaves the player at a slight disadvantage here. The party members should ideally be around at least level 70, in order to survive Nebula Oculus.

When do you get to fight Margaret Persona 4?

On your 2nd playthrough and above, you can fight Margaret. However, in order for Margaret to be available, you must have defeated all the optional bosses before 3/20. You must also revisit the Velvet Room after talking with Igor.

Who is Margaret in Persona 4 Velvet Room?

Margaret is the Velvet Room Attendant of Persona 4, guiding Yu Narukami along his journey along with her master, Igor. Mysterious and aloof at a glance, she grows closer to her charge as they spend time together, revealing a far more playful and caring side.

Who is the boss in Persona 4 Golden?

Persona 4 Golden adds in many new features to the original PlayStation 2 RPG classic. This includes new characters, events, and content. Among the most elusive is the difficult battle with the Velvet Room attendant, Margaret.

How to defeat Margaret Persona 4 Golden Neoseeker?

Yu should debuff with Debilitate, use Power/Mind Charge and then the respective move. Yoshitsune with Debilitate, Power Charge and Hassou Tobi is a good example. Yosuke should use Brave Blade/Garudyne and heal with Youthful Wind if needed. Chie should use Power Charge and God’s Hand.