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Do they still make vantage guitars?

Do they still make vantage guitars?

End of Production After Matsumoku ceased operations, Aria continued production of Aria Pro II guitars and basses through its own factories and other manufactures. Some top line and special edition guitars are still manufactured in Japan, however, most Aria guitars are now produced in Korea and China.

Who made Vantage guitars?

Vantage Guitars, a guitar brand manufactured by Matsumoku.

Are Vantage acoustic guitars any good?

Registered. Early Vantage guitars were made in the Matsumoku factory and were most certainly NOT crap. In fact, the quality easily rivaled that of USA made guitars. They are probably better than 99% of the imported crap on the shelves currently.

Where are vantage guitars made?

Vantage guitars produced in Indonesia (MII): Samick started to produce guitars in Indoneasia.

What guitars were made in Korea?

These are the models that were produced in Korea.

Vantage Acoustics Guitars
Vantage Semi Hollow Guitars
635V (ver 1) 635V (ver 2) 635VTG
645VTG 655VG 670V

Are any Fender guitars made in Korea?

Fender began backing off Korean production until it finally ended totally in 2002-2003 at which time they determined it was just too expensive to manufacture in Korea, and moved all their non-USA production of Fender branded instruments to the Mexico plant.

Are Korean guitars any good?

Korean guitars can have a fantastic tone and be very durable.

Are Fender Guitars made in Korea any good?

The Korean Fenders are very good instruments. I have a Korean Fender Jazz 24 and it is one of the best-playing, if not the best-playing basses I own; and that includes U.S.A.-made Fenders that cost four or five times as much. You will probably be very satisfied with a Korean made Fender guitar.

Did Fender make Strats in Korea?

There was also in fact a Fender Stratocaster (no reference at all to Squier on the headstock) produced briefly in Korea in 1987 and possibly into 1988. This ‘Special Series’ Standard Strat was exactly like the Squiers, but it had a solid wood body, and a higher price.

Why are Japanese guitars so good?

Cheap Japanese made guitars, at least after the mid-Seventies, are still really well made. They tend to have good solid wood, great weight and sustain and an amazing quality feel to them. The best guitars I have are all made in Japan around 1980, that seems to be the height of Japanese guitar manufacturing.

Are Japanese guitars as good as American?

Fender Japan are (especially mid to late 80s models) easily equal to, and in the 80’s case, better than USA Fenders. My ’86 MIJ Esquire is the best Fender I’ve ever played. That’s including USA custom shop guitars. The newer CIJ (one you’re looking at TS) aren’t quite better than USA but are wayyy better VALUE.

Are any Fender Guitars made in Korea?